• My name is Elisa Capra. I am eleven years old. I was born in Genova, Italy. I live in Lugano, Switzerland. My hobbies and interests are dancing, watching TV and playing with my ipad. I go to dancing club. I like alot chocolate. My favourite subject is Information Computer Technology. When I am an adult, I would like to become a singer.

We are a family of three persons. In my family there is my father, mother and me. I am the only child. I have a big family with many uncles, aunts and cousins. My father is tall, with black hair, black eyes and he is a manager of the cruise ships.

My mother is short and thin, with black hair and black eyes.

This is my mother with me.

We live in an apartment in Lugano, Switzerland. My best family time is spent skiing in Kitsburg, Austria.

  • During the summer we visit Capri in Italy

I love my family because they are good.

My friends are Alba, Eleonora, Camilla, Gaetano, Giorgio, Francesco, Virginia, Sara, Matteo, Cecilia, Nicole, Carolina U, Carolina L, Rebecca, Daianne and Elena.

We met when we were at school. My best friends are Camilla, Marta, Claudia and Claudio.

Me and my friends go out together to the Gardaland. We have fun and laugh together. My friends are kind, happy and honest. My family and my friends are a special part of my life.

My hobbies & interests

My hobbies are watching TV, playing with the ipad and classical dance. I attend dancing club because I like dancing. I am interested in sports. I am talented and gifted in dancing. My favourite activity is art.

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