Chiffon Cake By Matthew Turza

Chiffon Cake

The Chiffon Cake is a cake that is very light, with the combination of a butter and foam cake. The cake uses oil or a large quantity of eggs for the fat. For the amount of eggs, it could vary to 7 to 8 eggs with the yolk and white separated. Finally the leavening agent is chemical, and some examples are baking soda, baking powder, etc.

Has a sponge like texture

Mixing Method

large quantity of eggs with egg whites seperated from the egg yolks.
first stage of mixing is foamy
second of mixing has soft peaks


The link above for the cake is a Chiffon cake because it uses large amounts of separated eggs as the fat. Also it has baking soda as its leavening agent.

The video above has eggs seperated, and they do sift the flour. Also they mix until soft and stiff peaks are form. However in class the dry ingredients were not mixed in a stand mixer.


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