My Goals Keanu martinez

One Year Goals

1.) Become a "professional" photographer/videographer in order to have an income and it is one of my dream jobs.
2.) I also want to make a band with my friends so we can create music with each other and record covers and our own songs.
3.) Another one year goal it to visit Kentucky to see my brother and his family because I haven't seen them in too long.
4.) Within the next year, I would also like to see more snow for the simple reason of it being absolutely beautiful.

Three Year Goals

1.) Although I have three dogs right now, more wouldn't hurt.
2.) In the near future, I would love to own an apartment that I can sit down and drink coffee in.
3.) Using the equipment I currently have, I can use it to save enough money to buy a more professional equipment that would help me immensely.
4.) My last three year goal would be to travel more with my family and friends.

Five Year Goals

1.) One of my five year goals is to eventually get a Mini Cooper because I love the way they look.
2.) Seeing an aurora with my own eyes is something I have always wanted to accomplish.
3.) All of my siblings also play instruments, we have always wanted to record an album together.
4.) If my career as a photographer/videographer doesn't take off as soon as I want it too, I'd be fine working at a normal day job.

Ten Year Goals

1.) One of my most important goals is to have a wife and children.
2.) Another ten year goal of mine is to buy and live in a home with my family.
3.) In ten years, I also hope to have a stable job as a photographer or videographer because it has always been my dream.
4.) My final ten year goal is to create a music video for a popular band because I love music and creating videos.


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