Introducing Adobe Slate High-Impact VisUal Storytelling App

Adobe today launched Slate, a new free iPad app that makes it easier than ever to turn words and images into a story, that can be published as beautifully laid-out web content, in minutes.

Slate is made for anyone who wants to create with impact.

Students, teachers, non-profit organizations, small business owners or corporate communications can now turn their next report, newsletter or travel adventure into a document that captures attention.

Through professionally designed magazine-style layouts with elegant fonts, beautiful colors and eye-catching motion, Slate content automatically adapts to any device for a high impact reading experience on tablets, smartphones or computers.

Slate creations are links that can be shared easily via text message, email, embedded in websites, or posted on social media channels.

"In today's digital world, everyone wants to share engaging web-based stories that stand out, but often people don't have the right tools to easily create something impactful. With our move to Creative Cloud we're able to tap into our pro-level creative software expertise and bring it to a much wider audience with new tools -- first with Adobe Voice and now Slate. Stay tuned for more innovation like this from our teams at Adobe." -- Paul Gubbay, vice president of product development, Adobe

Slate features a collection of themes that set the tone for any story -- with a single tap.

Adobe Slate makes words and images move with automatically applied scrolling transitions, making it much more engaging and exciting. Key features include:

  • Stunning professionally designed themes
  • Arresting photo layouts and covers
  • Adaptable design
  • Call-to-Action buttons
  • Sharing options
"One of the things that I love about Slate is how quickly and easily my students can publish and share their creations. The interface is so simple, intuitive, and user-friendly, that they can just concentrate on telling a good story versus worrying about learning the technology." -- Joe Dockery, educator, Mount Si High School

Adobe Slate is available immediately as a free download in the App Store. The app requires iPad 2 or higher and iOS 8. To learn more about Adobe Slate, visit:

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