Easter Egg Brownies iN Ariel House, dublin, Ireland

As a child nothing else signalled the end of the festive period as effectively as the appearance of the box of Cadbury Creme Eggs on the counter beside the till in our local shop. There was nothing like the excitement of unwrapping the first creme egg of the season and the first bite into the thick milk chocolate and the sweet fondant filling. Social media has been flooded this season with a huge amount of cakes and treats incorporating the far from humble egg and in fact some cake recipes almost broke the internet with their popularity…..amazing!

We love a nice brownie here in Ariel House and we took our usual favourite recipe, topped it with a swirl of buttercream icing and adorned it with the irresistible creme egg. Perfect for a special treat this Easter!

For the brownies you will need;

175g sugar

175g soft butter

150g self raising flour

125g drinking chocolate

4 eggs

100g dark chocolate, in pieces

Preheat oven to 180 degrees and line/grease a brownie tin.

Mix together the sugar, butter, flour, drinking chocolate and the eggs until you have a runny mixture.

Fold in the chocolate pieces.

Pour into the brownie tin and level the top with a palette knife.

Bake for 45 mins or until there is a slight wobble in the middle.

Cool in the tin for 30 minutes before turning upside down onto a wire rack and peeling off the parchment paper.

Turn onto a bread board once cooled and cut into 16 squares.

For the buttercream you will need;

140g of butter, softened

280g of icing sugar

1-2 tbsp of milk

Beat the butter in a large bowl until soft.

Add the icing sugar and beat until smooth.

Beat in the milk if necessary to loosen the mixture.

Place into a piping bag and pipe a large swirl on top of each cooled brownie.

Top with half a Cadburys Creme Egg.

How do you eat yours?

From all at Ariel House we wish you and your family a very Happy Easter!

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