Are Gamers Killing Games By: dom Krob

Gaming has been around since 1958 and has changed so much but are the gamers killing it? The gaming community has grown so much but with a big crowd comes more demands. When some games were released they were called out like LOZ Wind Waker. No one played it and it was deemed a bad game or like COD Black Ops 3 and COD Infinite Warfare. When BO3 came out everyone said it would be the best and it sucked because they demanded too much and when IW came out people said it sucked because they thought that the future war idea was a bad one. The gamers have to deal with the games put out because people don't know what they want until they receive it and with games it is no different. An example of this going to the extreme was Scott Cawthon with Chipper and Sons. The people hated it because the characters looked like quote unquote reanimated animals. This brought the creator to a depression until his next game came out. There are even more extreme instances out there and it isn't just games this happens to, sometimes it's books or t.v. shows or a YouTube channel that hated on something. It also doesn’t help when there are grown adults that live in their mom's basement with no job that weigh three hundred some odd pounds that spend all their time on computers, consoles, and phones thinking they own the internet flagging, reporting, and leaving hateful comments because they don't agree with the game/video/post. But they aren't the only ones. Any gamer is apart of the cyber bully part of gaming if they said the game sucked on a video or a post. Like this RedTheAssassin guy who made a video about how Black Ops, Black Ops 2, and Black Ops 3 compare to Ghosts, Infinite Warfare and Advanced Warfare. Type the link to see the video. But this is just the tip of the ice burg when it comes to this stuff. If you want to learn more research it through the deep web.


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