COM60203-0321324/Rediscovering ingenuity of Youth Exercise 1

Hi ! My name is Leanne Marie Goh Ai Han (0321324). People normally just call me, Leanne. Just incase, my name is pronounced as "Lee-Ann", not "Lee-Ann-Nee" or "Lenny". If you're wondering, I'm the girl in the off shoulder top at the most right of the photo. I am a mixed of Portuguese, Baba Nyonya and Chinese. I love food and desserts especially, creme brûlée and Salted Almond Caramel cakes to be exact. The sea and beach are my comfort zone, it lets me relax and feel very tranquil.

Exercise 1 : Rediscovering the Ingenuity of Youth

Don't wait for experiences to come, go out and make them.
ISO : 200 ---------------------------------------------------------Aperture : f5.6 --------------------------------------------------Shutter speed : 1/80 --------------------------------------------

Reflection: My interpretation of 'Rediscovering Ingenuity of Youth' is the initiative that youths put into searching for elements that help define themselves, as young individuals. This photo was captured in the Sri Mahamariamman Temple in Kuala Lumpur. It focuses on a youth who is out seeking for an adventure in an unfamiliar place. By stepping out into unfamiliar grounds away luxuries shaded and air-conditioned rooms, it opens up an opportunity to find new and distinctive places for fresh ideas and inspirations. By doing so, new experience is found which also helps shape their identity.

Created By
Leanne Goh


Photographed by Leanne Goh

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