SafetyPro Prevention Services OUR STORY

SafetyPro Prevention Services has been in service in Alberta to Corporations and Municipalities since 1989 when our Emergency Medical Services group was formed.

SafetyPro has matured to a full service organization that provides consulting services and site services in the areas of...

Health and Safety Consulting, COR Development Services and Certificate of Recognition (COR & SECOR) Auditing

SafetyPro personnel are Certified External Consultant Auditors for...

Energy Safety Canada,

Alberta Municipal Safety Association,

Continuing Care Safety Association

ISO 45001 HSMS Management Systems Auditing - Lead Auditor

Our Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (CRSP), Construction Safety Officers and Certified Auditors are held to the highest standards of ethical practice while understanding the business aspects of organizations.

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Are we qualified?

SafetyPro Prevention Services only employs personnel who are qualified in the area they are expected to provide services in.

Our Emergency Personnel are registered with the Alberta College of Paramedics while the majority of Safety Personnel are registered with the Board of Canadian Registered Safety Professionals (BCRSP).

Construction Safety Officers (CSO) and Canadian Registered Safety Technicians (CRST) are assigned to projects under the guidance or our CRSP personnel. Having this resource available helps in resourcing information and allows us to provide high quality solutions and advice.

1 866 302 2323

What happens if the prevention fails?

Our organization through our Emergency Medical Services organization has many years of experience in supplying services to both Industrial and Municipal operations.

The Principals of SafetyPro Prevention Services have over 30 years experience in the field as practitioners and in leadership roles in the Emergency Services profession.

The Occupational Health and Safety Code states the workers must be qualified for the tasks they are engaged in. We believe this should be no different for our Safety Professional and Emergency Services Personnel.

1 866 302 2323

SafetyPro Prevention Services Program Options

Small amount of help can make a big difference.

Small Business HSE Management

Many companies in Alberta find that they are on the edge of employing full time Safety Advisors but have not quite been able to make the transition.

Our organization can provide you with a dedicated advisor as little as one day per week or increase / decrease as your activity changes throughout the year.

Let us be your safety team. We can help with the HSE requirements for your organization.

1 866 302 2323

Confusing Safety Management Systems are not used let alone helpfull.

HSE Program Development & Audit

Do you have a program but find it ineffective? Many companies do. Safety Programs that sit on shelves are not helping your organization reduce incident rates and do not help employees understand what is expected, when it comes to safety.

Typicly companies find out thier Safety Management Systems are not working after an audit or incident. We can help your process be efficient and effective.

1 866 302 2323

Turnaround events or day to day operations, SafetyPro is there to support your team.

Site Safety Management

Are you having a turnaround / shutdown? We have the people you want. Seasoned, mature, proactive professionals who are effective and are available for your Alberta, Sasketchewan or British Columbia operations.

1 866 302 2323

CSI we are not but we are interested in prevention of future incidents

Incident Investigation & Learning

Need to get to the bottom of what happened to cause the loss in your organization? Not sure where to start? We are available to assist you in finding the "root" of what happened and to assist in forming effective recommendations for prevention.

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Make us part of the Team

Full Safety Managament Support

Organizational development is fast and develops a life of its own. If your organization is feeling overwhelmed and you need a new short term or long term application of "safety mechanics" give us a call, we can help.

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Large or small, companies must ... Plan to have a Plan

Emergency Planning & Readiness

Many organizations take a stand that there is no need for Emergency Planning. This is true, if all prevention efforts are successful but it is also true that in the event your plan fails, you need a back up plan to limit the impact of the emergency.

We can support your organization in Emergency Planning based on the scope of the activities your organization is engaged in.

1 866 302 2323

Call or Email, we are happy to help you

For more information please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in customizing services for your application.

Phone - 1 866 302 2323

Email - Sharon@safetypro.ca

Email - Bob@safetypro.ca

Web - www.safetypro.ca

Twitter - @safetyprogroup

Thanks for learning about us!We are happy to talk with you should you have any questions about our services.


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