Scottish Power VIBES Awards 2016

  • Scottish Power is part of Iberdrola Group- a global energy company and leader in wind energy.
  • SP operate in the generation, transmission and transportation of electricity, energy management and supply of gas and electricity throughout the UK.
  • Founded in 1990 with headquarters in Glasgow.
  • Organisation was once a division of FTSE 100 Index however in 2006, the directors at Scottish Power agreed to a £11.6 billion takeover offer from Spanish energy firm Iberdrola. (Scottish Power, 2016)

The Triple Bottom Line

Organisations must take into account all of the triple bottom line elements in order to gain a full understanding of its outlay and overall sustainability in business.

People- analyses how socially responsible the business has acted through operations.

Planet- shows how environmentally friendly the organisation has operated.

Profit- the most classic aspect measuring financial attainment

(The Economist, 2009)


VIBES Awards 2016

Scottish Power should be considered as a successful candidate for the VIBES Management Award (Large Size Category)

The Management Award recognises organisations which provide a strategic ambition and management structure enabling them to continuously improve their input into sustainable progress within Scotland.

A successful Management Award candidate therefore should:

  • Enable the environmental, economic, social and ethical aspects of sustainability within their overall mission and consider these when making any decisions.
  • Provide evidence of key attainment indicators for monitoring and reporting performance, have mechanisms in place for addressing extensive issues of CSR such as engagement within the community, employee rights and supply chain considerations. (VIBES, 2016)

Scottish Power Social Sustainability

Understanding & managing the impact on the environment in local communities & contstructing extended improvements is a huge part of Scottish Power’s CSR and sustainability approach.

Working With Communities

Scottish Power help support various schemes which enhance education, employability, the environment, safety & health.

Scottish Power have invested £6.5 million in supporting key skills and development- including developments of pre-apprentice school programmes, building partnerships with colleges and universities and sponsorships of graduate scholarships.

  • Scottish Power run a variety of employability programmes including apprenticeships and graduate placements.
  • Scottish power work along side schools, colleges and universities across the UK to advertise engineering as a enticing career choice, and aim to attract more young women into the sector.
  • Also aim to encourage more women into engineering- sponsoring the “Top 50 Influential Women in Engineering” list and SmartSTEM events in Scotland.

(Scottish Power, 2016)

Supporting charities-

Partnership with Cancer Research UK – Scottish Power have developed the Help Beat Cancer Energy Tariff – and encourage employees to fundraise on behalf of the charity – providing funds which will help beat cancer.

2016 - helped raise £10 million for Cancer Research UK

Scottish Power have contributed £29,000,000 to charity causes in last 4 years.

(Scottish Power, 2016)

Training & Development

Scottish Power take training and development within the workforce very seriously and therefore provide:

  • 2,000 courses each year to enhance employee performance
  • Sponsorships for education systems
  • Own and run two modern training centres
  • Opportunities for employees to access materials through the Global E- Learning Platform which can be accessed from the employees own home.

(Scottish Power, 2016)

Fair Treatment of Staff

Scottish Power consider the health and wellbeing of their staff and provide:

  • Fit for Life assessments available to all employees, allowing staff to receive information on their health and how to improve and meet goals
  • Professional medial staff available to employees
  • Generous sick pay – available after 6 months of service with Scottish Power
  • Discounted gym memberships to various health and fitness centres

Employee Benefits at Scottish Power include:

  • A pension and a share incentive plan
  • A family-friendly approach that provides: Flexible working patterns, Enhanced maternity and adoption leave, Childcare Vouchers, Enhanced annual leave, Caring and development breaks and Training & Development.

(Scottish Power, 2016)

Gender Diversity

Scottish Power partnership with the Women’s Engineering Society- supporting women in the engineering sector and encouraging girls into engineering careers.

Partnership with Equate Scotland- Scotland’s expert gender equality organisation, supporting women in the STEM industry. Scottish Power also worked with Equate in a pilot Returnship Programme - which enabled women who had opted for a longer career break to get back into work in the sector.

(Scottish Power, 2016)

Scottish Power Sustainable Business Base

• Scottish Power is part of Iberdrola Group- a global energy company and leader in wind energy.

At the end of December 2014, Scottish Power supplied electricity to 3.3 million and gas to 2.2 million customers across the UK. (BBC, 2015)

Investments of £8 billion in next 8 years.

At heart of the switch for modern low carbon economy - 6 new wind farms due for construction in the next year.

Have reduced power cuts in major storms by 75% to 3.5 million homes across the UK.

Scottish Power's parent company Iberdrola have committed to invest €9.6bn globally between 2014 and 2016 with 41% targeted at UK projects.

Investments on this scale create great employment opportunities- In 2013 the SP Energy Networks created 4,000 jobs in engineering.

(Scottish Power, 2016)

Scottish Power Environmental Sustainability

(Iberdrola, 2016)

"Respect for the environment, a distinguishing value"

Scottish Power's parent company, Iberdrola, aims to provide for the immediate future which is focused on a steep growth for energy efficiency, clean sources to cut emissions and to stall climate change.

The organisation is committed to sustability and is one of the most environmentally friendly European services investing in renewable energy such as wind and hydro to be more energy efficient.

  • 2012 - across Iberdrola, there were 21,397 videoconferences that avoided travel. This resulted in a reduction in GHG emissions arising from international travel of 24,223kg CO2.

Current Generation Mix- Devoted towards cleaner energy- meaning less dependant on generation from nuclear meaning more energy comes from renewable sources.

Iberdrola have also included the "Sustainable Development Goals" constructed by the United Nations for 2015-2030 into their strategy and sustainability policy. (Iberdrola, 2016)

(Iberdrola, 2016)

Scottish Power Renewable Resource - Whitelee Windfarm

The UK's largest onshore wind farm located just 20 minutes from Glasgow.

Features 215 wind turbines which generate up to 539 megawatts of electricity, enough to power just almost 300,000 homes.

(Scottish Power, 2016)

Scottish Power Renewable Resource - Cruachan Power Station

Hydro power station opened in 1965, located near Oban and managed by Scottish Power.

Cruachan is built into the rock of the Ben Cruachan mountain and uses electricity from the grid at times of low demand to pump water from Loch Awe, to its storage reservoir part way up the mountain. It also collects water from nearby slopes, providing hydro-electric power.

Cruachan’s four units can supply up to 440MW of electricity.

(Scottish Power, 2016)

(Scottish Power, 2016)

Scottish Power for VIBES Management Award 2016

Scottish Power provide sustainability throughout their organisation. They perform well throughout their sustainable business base, social sustainability and environmental sustainability.

The organisation also aims to continuously improve their input into sustainable progress within Scotland with many projects such as, reducing CO2 emissions by 30% in 2020, renewable cleaner energy through wind and hydro power stations, stalling climate changeinvestments of £8 billion in the next 8 years and work towards the "Sustainable Development Goals" outlined by the UN, which is why they should be considered as a winner for the VIBES Management Award.


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