The Good Life Performance: An Experience By Cecelia gazica

Walking into the Constans Theater, I got the familiar tingle of excitement that used to wash over me before going to see play performances with my parents as a little girl. The atmosphere, the people, the props, and the energy of the theater only heightened my excitement to finally see The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt.

My Spatial Experience

Walking into the Constans Theater, I got the familiar tingle of excitement that used to wash over me before going to see play performances with my parents as a little girl. The atmosphere, the people, the props, and the energy of the theater only heightened my excitement to finally see The Divine: A Play For Sarah Bernhardt.

The picture I have decided to add below are some aspects of the theater that caught my attention. Personally, I love weird and imaginative art, so these two lanky statues with unporportional bodies made me not only giggle, but they made me feel connected with the theater and the people who poured their hearts into creating the art that represents the theater as a whole.

Photo by: Maya Scarborough

Entering the auditorium was the best part of the whole experience, in my opinion. Sitting a few rows back, the audience anxiously awaiting the performance, basically buzzing in their seats, made the room of strangers feel like one body together. It felt great! I realized how much I missed the type of entertainment provided by plays... It's different than sitting down on the couch watching television. In this setting, it's way more intimate and personal, yet you feel a connection with those surrounding you; a sensual experience that you can't attain through a TV screen.

Place plays a huge role in the Good Life. Location sets the tone for the experience you will have. Every location has a different vibe to it, the energy given off by the Constans theater was very different then how I feel sitting in a classroom. Place means more than just a position in space, it offers a unique energy that is unequivocal to any other place...

And as the lights dimmed, my eyes brightened up towards the stage and the show began.

My Social Experience

As you can see clearly from the photo above, I attended this play with one of my closest friends Maya (left)! I can say that undoubtedly, the fact that we saw this play together made it more enjoyable all around. What's so great about me and Maya's friendship is that we are always on the same wavelength, we view the world in very similar ways that it sometimes scares us. Either way, It's great seeing a play, movie, or any sort of intellectual entertainment with someone who views the world in similar ways mainly for the discussions that occur afterward. After the play, we were able to have an open discussion about the characters, the plot, and our overall experience. This reflection we concurred allowed me to discover aspects about the play that I had not initially enjoyed but realized how incredible they were in fact. For example, Sarah's exquisite costumes and the way they enhanced her character development.

Sharing experiences with your friends, family, and even the strangers around you is one of the most important contributions to any experience. For me personally, I feed off the energies of the people that surround me. If one of my best friends is feeling glum, angry, happy, I will too start to feel that same way. Maybe I'm empathetic, but I just think that my personality is fluid, shaping to the vibes that I feel around me. Stating this, it was so easy to feel the excitement and anticipation in the auditorium of the theater; it enhanced my experience of the play by a million. If the people around me felt bored and uninterested, I think this would have affected my time during the performance as well. The sharing of experiences can impact a person both negatively and positively, which I find very interesting. I was lucky enough to sit in a theater filled with open-minded students like me!

My Cultural and Intellectual Experience


This beautiful play not only offers the audience entertainment, but its true purpose is to offer viewers a twist on serious issues using satire, humor, acting, and thought provoking lines. Before the play, I knew a brief history of the play's background, but it wasn't until I was immersed in its locale that I started to understand the importance of the subliminal messages it was conveying. Themes that stuck out to me the most was social oppression versus privilege. This is a topic that I am interested in already, but I thought the way it was portrayed in The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt was exquisite and transforming. Set in the time of an increasing wage gap, gender inequality, arbitrary labor laws, oppression and poverty was a serious issue that marked this time period. The play acknowledged these issues in a light-hearted way, but there was no missing the serious tone behind the words. The play reminded me that oppression and social poverty consume the lives of its victims, it reminded me that yes, I am privileged, but that does not make me blind to those who are not. The play was a reality-check that I need to be more aware of these tough subjects and talk about them more, and try to do everything I can to put my efforts into fixing them.

My Emotional Experience

Photo by: Maya Scarborough

The distinction between my spatial experience, social experience, and cultural experience versus my emotional experience is that the latter is made up of a unique combination of all three. When all the essential characteristics of the play are put together with passion, determination, and topped with a purpose, the result is something beautiful and it allowed me to face multiple, sometimes contradicting, emotions that flood my curious, naive mind.

The cast renders a group of people representing minorities, corrupt authorities, struggle, and triumph in a entertaining and stunning way. Talking to the cast after the play helped tie together all loose ends I was confronted with during the performance, like how hard it was to play a man who had to sacrifice being with his family in order to fight for a future, one that could slowly slip away so easily. I also admired the way the director, David Young, was able to transform the lines, plot, and actors and in turn cultivate such raw emotion. In conclusion, I admired the whole thing!


Thanks for such a cool experience lUF1000!!!!!


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