Birthday Quests A magical party experience where you are the hero

Wizards welcome. muggles tolerated. BIRTHDAYS CELEBRATED!

We have created a unique, immersive, and action packed party plan inspired by Harry Potter that put you and your guests right into the wizarding world, right at your location.

Every party guest will enjoy the magical activities, complete with robes, wands, decor, and props.

A professor from Greystone, the American School of Witchcraft and Wizardry will sort each party guest into on of our American houses: Embersedge or Fanglefern.

Learn wand skills, challenge your friends to duel, play a game of quiddich, and at the end of the party, everyone will graduate and receive a Master of Wizardry certificate.

Then comes the best part - we clean it all up and take it with us!

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