Science. Rubik's cube. Boat By: James Bolton

In science I learned how to solve a rubiks cube. I'm so happy now that I can solve a rubik's cube. I like how I can solve a rubiks cube like everyone else. I learned by memorizing the algorithms. One example of an algorithm is U L U' L' U' F' U F. ' means to turn that side counter clock wise. We went to the OLC to teach the little kids how to solve the cube. We went in October to the OLC.
This looks like the boat that I made. We made boats to race and learn about catching wind. My boat started to sink. I think it sank because clay is heavy and the walls wernt high enough
Created By
James Bolton


Created with images by ToGa Wanderings - "A well loved Rubik's Cube I keep in my classroom for the students. I'm impressed at how many can solve it." • BannersTown - "rubik cube rubik cube" • georigami - "Rubik Cube by Me" • michaelrizzi - "rubik cube toy" • Tobyotter - "Creamer"

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