Art Portfolio Carissa wentzloff

This is my first year in art I've never been huge on drawing but this year I have grown a lot with my skills and I enjoy drawing more now then I used to. This picture shows negative and positive space. Positive space shows the bear actually eating the apple and the negative space shows a shadow.

Negative and positive space

I would like to go to college and become a kindergarten teacher. This stippling piece shows value where there are more dots there is more value and where there are less dots there is less value.


One of my best pieces that I'm very proud of. I like my value and how much it really does look like Halie.


This class has helped me a lot with my creative side that I didn't even realize I had. The up side down drawing especially because it teaches you that it's not about how it looks it's all about the lines. Contour lines were used in this drawing by us following all the lines.

My scratch bored drawing did not go as planed it sounds like an easy drawing but when you actually do it, it's quite hard. It was tough to show value but i think I did the best job of that in the main part of the face.

Scratch bored drawing

Blind contour drawing is very difficult but it also teaches you a lot.

My first hand has no contour or value in it.

My second has turned out quite nicely there's texture and value in it which gives it dimension.

  1. The 2 point perspective shows horizontal lines such as the windows and bricks. One of my vanishing points is on the right side of the bricks. Vertical lines would include the doors.

My very first self portrait drawing has no contour lines, texture, and no contour.

My second self portrait drawing has some texture and contouring I am very proud of how this turned out.

I did a good job on values there's a lot of lights and darks as well as mediums which give it dimension

I enjoyed this course very much it has taught me so much about drawing before I was in this class all I could draw was a stick figure. Now I can draw portraits with contour and value.

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