Florida Museum of Natural History By julien duytsche

Nature on Display

The Museum of Natural History is composed of three main exhibits, the butterfly garden, the Florida history exhibit, and the last is constantly changing per season. For this assignment I chose to visit the butterfly garden. As you enter the garden you are instantly in awe. The garden is set up as a beautiful jungle with a large variety of trees and flowering plants surrounding a small pool of water. The garden setup combined with the butterflies makes you feel like your somewhere other than Gainesville Florida. I believe that the fact that visitors are able to get so up close and personal with the butterflies makes the experience so great.

Nature and Ethics

The exhibit really displays respect for the animals inside. Before you even enter the garden you feel the need to show respect towards the butterflies and birds inside since you're entering their home. This is very important and displays ethics of Leopold. Leopold explains that we need to show respect and love for nature, and I believe that visitors truly feel that way throughout their visit. This can give the people a better sense of respect for the animals even outside of the exhibit. Being to close to the butterflies opens our eyes to their beauty.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Due to the beauty of the entire exhibit and the number of butterflies visitors encounter people really take time to slow down and notice whats happening around them. Although we see butterflies and plants nearly every day simply walking outdoors, the sheer beauty of everything coming together within the garden amplifies its beauty. Guests are able to see how important and beautiful nature is in a bigger picture.

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