Immigration in the United States morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor

Ms. K

English 102 Section 182

April 13th, 2017

Immigration Argument

Audience Analysis:

The audience that I will be targeting in my Public Argument will be the people in the United States that think that immigrants the work in agriculture should not be allowed to come over to the United States. Immigration in the United State is a huge thing ad people look at it as a bad thing. If you see what these brave men and women do on a day to day basis you would totally understand why immigration should be allowed in the United States. I will explain the hard working jobs that these brave men and women do on a day to day basis, along with explaining the struggles that they face in their everyday lives. I feel that this group of people is the perfect audience because they do not understand what these immigrants go through and without them we would not have farm raised crops in our grocery stores today.

Public Argument:

Many people have different views on the thought of Immigration. I look at immigration from a standpoint that is totally true when it comes to a certain scenario. Immigration within the agricultural field is the only thing that keeps agriculture going day by day. These brave men and women put in more work than anyone in this world in order to support their families back home.

As we look at some of the job types that these men and women do on a day to day basis we can see that the jobs are extremely difficult. Immigrants do absolutely everything on the farm, anything from driving the tractors to hoeing weeds. As I have had experience working alongside these men and women I tell myself that I would not want to do the jobs that they do every day for the rest of my life. The busiest time of the year for the immigrant workers is during the winter months. The reason for that is because during this time period produce is a huge hit and everyone in the world needs produce to feed to their families. In order to make that happen farmers hire as many workers as they need depending on how many acres that farmer owns or farms. Jobs that the immigrant’s workers help out with are driving the tractors, thinning crews, work in the packing houses, irrigation crews, hauling heavy equipment, mechanics, harvesting crews, and many littler jobs.

I will start out by talking about the thinning crew job that these hard working individuals have to do. They walk row for row and hoe the produce to make sure that the spacing between the crops are accurate. The spacing between each plant has to be between three and five inches depending on the crop. If the spacing between the crops are not accurate the crop will not grow in a uniformed manner. With the plant not growing in a uniformed manner buyers or your house wife’s would not buy the produce sold in the store. Harvesting crews have it the worst. These workers walk behind a tractor that has a conveyor belt on it that shoots the produce into boxes. Once the produce is in the boxes there are workers standing on top of the tractor stacking the boxes onto pallets. After the pallets are full they then load the pallets onto a semi-trailer to be sent to the packing houses. Workers in the packing house look like factory workers. They have assembly lines in order to keep everything moving in a fast and efficient manner. They run every piece of produce through different cleaning procedures in order to get all the dirt and germs off the crops. After that they package the crops in plastic wrappers the box them up to be sent out to the grocery stores.

Immigrant workers that come on to work on the farms do the dirty work. Jobs that take place on the farm are tractor drivers, mechanics, irrigation crews, pest control, and semi drivers. Tractor drivers do everything from prep the ground for a new crop, to planting the crops. They work seven days a week depending on the time of the year it is, and usually work anywhere from fourteen to sixteen hours a day. Mechanics are the guys that are on call twenty-four seven because if something breaks weather its three in the morning or four in the afternoon they need to be able to get there as fast as possible to get the equipment up and running again. Irrigation crews are the guys that make sure that the crops stay fresh and have water. They through aluminum pipe with sprinkler heads on top of the pipe in order to water produce. Every pipe is a twenty-foot pipe that is an inch and a half thick. They also are the ones that sit at the edge of the fields while the crops are getting watered. This sometimes takes anywhere from eighteen hours to forty-eight hours depending on how many acres is needed to be watered. Pest control workers take care of the bird problems. Birds eat all the seeds from the ground right after the farmer plants his crops. So in order for this to be prevented from happening a worker drives around shooting either bird bombs in the air or shot guns to scare off the birds.

In order to keep our farms up and running we as Americans need to make a change on the law against immigration. Studies say that “It is very difficult to become a legal US resident even with a family member that is a citizen.” (National Farm Worker Ministry) Without the help from these amazing men and women we as farmers and Americans will not have crops to support the people in this world. I talked with my boss who is the owner of Harrison Farms in Yuma Arizona and this is what he said about his workers,” I wake up every day and thank the lord for giving me the life I have. I also go and talk to every single one of my workers and thank them from everything they do to keep his farm up and running.” (Harrison). I work alongside these men and women and let me tell you they do jobs that nobody on the face of this earth would want to do, but the reason that they do them is because they need to make money to support their families. So next time you go out and talk about immigration and how it’s a bad thing, just think about produce and all the food you eat because the reason you have that is because of their hard work.

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