Unit 6 Creating Infographics Samantha Marshall EDIM 510-INA

Timeline Infographic Assignment

For this week's assignment, I used Google Photos and Canva to create a timeline infographic. In the spirit of The Oscars (which are on tonight!) my timeline displayed the recipients of the academy award for best picture from the year 2006 to 2015. You can view both of my infographics by clicking on the links here: Google Photos and Canva (pictured below). Both of these Web 2.0 tools were user friendly, and I was able to accomplish the task of creating a timeline with pictures in a timely manner. I could see students using Google Photos to create an album with pictures of their steps to solving a problem. They could also add text to go with each of their steps explaining their work. The same could be accomplished using Canva, however I think the simplicity of Google Photos would be a more time efficient option for my middle school students. However, Canva definitely has more to offer in terms of making the infographic more visually appealing, and allows the students to inject more creativity into the assignment which makes for more unique final products.

Statistical Infographic Assignment

This is my statistical infographic created using FotoFlexer showing the leading social networks worldwide as of January 2015, ranked by number of active users.


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