From the Headmaster:

So. The 100th Edition of the Deerstalker.

The first edition was published at the end of my very first week at Park Hill, 'way back' on 9th September 2016...

I have asked various people to reflect on the stories and editions that stand out for them.

What has been wonderful about this process is just how the school has grown and developed, how it has been shaped by all of us, children, staff and parents. It is this sense of community of shared pride that makes our school the special place that it is.

So, settle back in your armchair, train seat (are there any still running?), plane seat or settee and join us as we look back at just some of the moments that have been shared each Friday afternoon (well, most of the time...)

Do click on the link to take your directly to that edition, it will, I guarantee bring a smile to your face.

I spoke on Tuesday about ‘unseen’ acts that contribute to our community. I hope that I can address that description at least pertaining to Thursday mornings. Thank you for the coffee every Thursday!

I hope you have a really good Christmas and a very peaceful and happy New Year.


PS - The school calendar has been updated with assembly dates, please download the new calendar to your device, the link -

Mrs Blower

"I am going to go for the very first edition on 9th September 2016. It was a new format, interactive, a sense of starting afresh, a new chapter for Park Hill."

Miss Georgina, Dr Kurtzke & Mrs Winning

"It has to be the Rose Theatre Celebration of Performing Arts. It stands out for that sense of incredible opportunity, for children to stand on stage and simply perform with complete confidence. That day was special." Miss Georgina

“It was a very special moment to see our little daughter perform with her classmates on the Rose Theatre Stage, singing "when I grow up". An amazing growth of self confidence and wonderful social integration with new friends for life in the UK. Thank you to the entire Park Hill family.” - Dr Kurtzke.

“Well my subconscious instinct to dodge that question was not at fault: choosing a favourite bit of Deerstalker is quite possibly the hardest thing I’ve done all year. I am going with the Rose Theatre pictures (29/03/19 edition). Whoever was taking the photos that day clearly made the most of the fabulous setting.” Mrs Winning.

Mrs Bond & Mrs Bagri

"Our very first Lulworth Residential. Such a fabulous experience for our children and a feature on the school calendar that has now achieved legendary status amongst all year groups (and staff!)" - Mrs Bond

“A moment that stands out personally for me, is when the current year 5/6 went to Lulworth Cove for the first time. It was an amazing opportunity for them to experience such independence and to try new and exciting things for the first time. The pictures were much appreciated.” - Mrs Bagri

Mrs Burn

"It has to be the first Art Exhibition where the Mayor of Kingston joined us. It was the comfortable way that all of our children spoke with her and engaged with her that stands out, the sense that our children were not overawed and treated her with such ease."

Mr Stevenson

"The first time we dissected lungs and also the first time we used the Science Lab at Canbury School. I chose it at it perhaps sums up just what incredible opportunities our children enjoy to explore all aspects of science, something so very close to my heart."

How young?

Miss Finch

“It has to be the first edition featuring our wonderful First Steps classroom. It is such a lovely room for our children and it (eventually) made quite the appearance!”

Alexa & Yash

Who could argue with this choice?

This was quite the edition, we do like to keep ourselves busy...

Mr Bagri

As I have been 6 months out the country every year for the past few years, as part of my job, the Deerstalker is a really great way for me to keep up to date on what has been happening back at home. I get to understand what my daughters, Rhea and Kiran, have been learning.

So when stuck in a 5m X 3m cabin in the middle of the Oman desert I have an opportunity to ‘FaceTime’ home and have an engaging conversation, something that allows me to connect to family life.

The Deerstalker also allows me to see what events I can attend when I’m back in the UK, in particular any parents competitions, where I know Mr Bond will hint a few clues in the Deerstalker text.

I thank the school teachers for all the work they put into such a informative and fun read.

Book day in March 2019 and previous ones. This is big in our house, where everyone is engaged in the discussion and energy put into getting the right outfit. Loved the ideas this year. It is fantastic to see children and parents together thinking and reading books for ideas.

Mr Bond

Not easy. Really not easy. I loved the first ISA National Triathlon such spirit from our team, likewise the first Lulworth Residential was truly memorable for the collective experience.

Those Adventure School expeditions scaling Leith Hill stand out not just for a complete curriculum experience (Science, Maths, English, Computing, Geography) but also for those wonderful attributes of resilience and perseverance. The bikepacking trip was also an adventure close to my heart.

I agree with the Art Exhibition choice and Mr. Stevenson's lungs lesson. The Rose Theatre was also quite exceptional.

The editions featuring Remembrance assemblies I find are among the most moving. I do recall retreating into a quiet corner of the church during the D-Day Commemoration Assembly.

Who can forget meeting Derek Redmond? Now I think of it, I don’t think those responsible for the welcome back banners from that first triathlon realise how much it meant to me and the team.

How about the untold story of Edition 90?

Driving back from a Hockey Festival, children enjoying their conversations. Messrs Bond and Papps in the driving seat, reliving their youth - Radiohead playing on the minibus radio. How Mr Papps then weaved each song title from the album in to his contribution to the Deerstalker that day was pure 'Papps.' Although he did upset Mr Sims by suggesting he delivered just an 'OK Computer' lesson, his mood not helped by us both consequently dissolving into laughter. Judge for yourselves -

Tapping away on my iPad perched precariously on a Berlin Flughafen chair completing edition 83 captured my imagination. Perfect use of technology, rather appropriate that I had just attended an Apple Distinguished Schools conference.

However, as per the rules that I have undemocratically imposed on those “volunteered” to contribute to this 100th edition, I can only choose one. Each edition has its own story and as 'editor' I can honestly say that I have enjoyed constructing each one.

Now that I have waffled on and procrastinated here is my choice.

I really, really enjoyed choosing images for Edition 87. A year in the life of a fabulous school and family.

Please do not touch me. I am old and easily damaged.


“This was special for me because I was one of just two who qualified for the regional swimming gala, I felt so proud.”

Mr Papps

“Leith Hill was my favourite. Children consolidating all of their Adventure School skills, the christening of our school minibus and just a really good day out with everyone, beautiful weather too.”

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Christmas Production

What a performance! Quite exceptional from our very talented children.

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