Appreciation To The School Nicholas,yong sheng,azree

School is a place where students are being nurtured and being imparted knowledge from teachers, it is also our second home where friends study, learn and hang out. people in our school play an important role in our school life as there are the ones which help us overcome difficulties, challenges and share our worries with. places in the school also serves as a platform in education to teach us specific subjects and life skills. For example, the chemistry lab and computer lab.

Classroom is a learning platform where both students and teachers learn about things. It is also a place for students to learn without being distracted by outside distractions. Also, a place where students learn life values.
Canteen is a gathering place where students go to have recess and their lunch, it is also where students get to bond with each other and do their homework.
The school hall is a place where all of us get to have morning and afternoon assembly and the venue where we have PE lessons and badminton interclass.
This is where teachers have their desks and prepare their lessons and where teachers socialise with each other and where students go to find their teachers for help.
The school library is where students go to study in peace and to get access to physical or digital access to new information and where students can meet up with teachers to ask questions or do their homework together.
A place where students go to during recess or after school to play or do homework. Its also a place where some students and teachers come to school or to go home.
The school field is where students go to have their physical education and a location for the yearly inter class football and a student vs teachers soccer game during teachers day.
This bridge is where everyone walks,teachers, students, school staff and help connect the computer labs to the classrooms on the third floor at block H.

In conlusion, school is place where we are being taught and learn important life skills. Friends and teachers also play an important part in our academic life as we can share our worries and happiness with.


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