Thank you Mr. Sidney From kenmore middle school

What the students had to say...

"Thank you Ronnie Sydney. You were very intuitive and interesting. You were the best author I have ever met." -Remington

"Your talk was inspirational and very meaningful." -Francesca

"Thank you for letting me read aloud from your book!" -Josiah

"Thank you Ronnie Sidney. You were very interesting and very good." -Iris

"Thank you for congratulating us on our reading achievements." -Joe

"Thanks for taking your time to come here instead of being somewhere else." -Chasity

"Thanks for sharing your new book with us!" -Janeye

"Thanks for opening up to us. You had a very informative, yet interesting speech and gave us honest opinions on subjects you chose to talk to us about which we appreciate." -Peerless

"Ronnie Sydney is funny and entertaining." -Julian

"Nelson Beats the Odds looks very interesting to read. You've created a great book that inspires kids. Thank you." -Bezawit

Thank you for inspiring students and teachers through your depiction of Nelson's school experiences, struggles and triumphs as well as your own. We appreciate your generosity, humility and honesty! Keep up the good work!! (Kenmore Middle School's 40-book Celebration, June 20, 2016)

Back row: Ronnie Sydney, Amy Juengst, Megan McCormick, Holly Ousley. Front row: Caroline Tung Richmnd, Ellen Oh

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