My city through the eyes of: A FOREIGNER

"I grew up in Panama, home to famous canal and the infamous papers."

"Panama is a small and vibrant country that I'm proud to call my home."

"I decided to move to the Netherlands for university, as my father grew up here as well."

"After a tiring 20 hour journey, door to door, I finally arrived in what would be my new country for the next few years."

"I moved to the city of Maastricht because I decided to study European Law at the prestigious university there."

"My studies at school went well and I got good grades, settling in to my new city wasn't as easy however."

"I joined a student association which helped me make friends but there was a language barrier as I couldn't speak Dutch."

"There were also cultural barriers, I didn't get why they felt the need to go home every weekend."

"Unfortunately my home was not just a train ride away. Sometimes I had to resist the urge to hop on a plane and go back myself."

"Maybe I will someday, but until then I think there are still adventures waiting for me in my new home."


Alden Brouwer

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