Tuberculosis during The Industrial Rev By:Dylan evans

Tuberculosis was the greatest killer during the industrial revolution the lungs would be attacked then they produce tubercle to defend itself. The diesease caused tubercles to turn yellow and spongy and when the victim coughed the yellow sponge would be spit out.

Tuberculosis affected those who had been poorly fed and those who lived in dirty or damp homes.

Spreading of the diesease occurs when someone exhales so in small crowded places like many homes the diesease spread very quickly.

It's believed tuberculosis or TB as its called killed roughly 1/3 of all those who died in Great Britain during the industrial revolution.

TB was thought to be spread by bad smells but it was actually caused by sewage being mixed with the water supply. TB caused lots of coughing to its victims due to the area of infection being in the throat

Their weren't many treatments for TB during the industrial revolution so once u got it u relied on old wives tales mostly until u died.

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