Anxiety Maddie

What long term effects does anxiety cause?

Anxiety effects your body by interfering with your appetite, by making you very worried which makes you feel sick. It also effects your lifestyle, such as if you woke up, took a shower, and ate, it could make you feel like waking up and not taking a shower and eating. And it effects your sleep by keeping you up all night thinking about something that will happen. It also increases your chance of getting heart disease.

What are short term effects of anxiety?

Some short term effects are headaches, tiredness, trembling, and twitching. It can also make you very nauseous and get hot flashes. It also makes you very fidgety. Also dizziness and difficulty swallowing. Lastly is can cause muscle tension and/or aches.

What causes anxiety?

Anxiety can be caused by many things. Some of the things that can cause it is if it runs in the family. If one of your past family members was diagnosed with anxiety it runs in your genes. Also a huge amount stress can also cause it to increase.

Why should we know about this?

We should know about this because there are many people suffering with anxiety every day. being more aware of what they go through might be able for you to help them get through this together. everyone has a least some anxiety. and every day someone gets diagnosed with it. you never know who could have anxiety, they might even be sitting next to you.


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