Florida's Museum of Natural History By Tristin Dailey

Nature on Display

Photo taken by Tristin Dailey 23 February 2017 with exhibit of Florida over six thousand years

This if a fronting exhibit when walking into the life over the past years portion of the Museum of Natural History. To give a brief description of this picture, it encapsulates the last six thousand years of Floridian humans and shows their differences in ways of life. This picture showed me how far Florida, in particular, had drifted from its native roots. I look at this picture and see totally different worlds, but in the same area with a year gap. It shows me an easy to see juxtaposition between the past and the present and how the world has changed. It seems like an eternity ago that the seminoles were the main inhabitants of the Floridian lands, but the time frames really serve to draw an easy comparison. We have less of a time gap between us and the seminoles compared to the primary inhabitants, but we have accomplished leaps and bounds in the shorter time span causing a vastly different looking world.

Nature and Ethics

Photo taken by Tristin Dailey at the Butterfly Exhibit

The Butterfly Rainforest exhibit was the easiest to see nature our of the whole Museum in my personal experience. This is in part because of who I entered the rainforest with. After I entered a person who followed right behind me said something along the lines of "so this is real outside weather huh." She said this because it was raining when I tourned the museum. The rain came right through the screened in rainforest. Her comment got me further thinking towards my situation actually being more like a rainforest environment. It really allowed me to experience the rainforest on a more realistic level. This further experience, coupled with actual life (the butterflies) as opposed to skeletons or wax stature, allowed me to have a different experience then I normally would have at a history museum. It was a nice and interactive exhibit on display at a museum.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Photo taken by Tristin Dailey on Feb 22 in front of the Mammoth exhibit.

I believe that this picture caught my attention the most for the assignment of appreciating the mystery and majesty of nature. Large animals have some sort of affect on my curiosity. How did this huge animal fit in on the earth and flourish for its lifespan? If you can't tell, this is the mammoth skeleton on display near the front of the museum. This piece is a great first view because it makes you take a step back for a second a say, wow this life-form inhabited earth even humans of today (homo sapiens) did. Evolution and the previous animal lines always seres as an astonishing aspect of nature.

The End

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