Adam & Eve the connection between male and female

The connection between man and woman is very complex. Sometimes people confuses spiritual and physical connection – Love and desire.

The intimacy, spiritual connection is motivated by tenderness and love, that is why it is impossible for love to be polygamous.

The desire, physical connection is to balance sexual charge, energy and thanks to love we feel energized, happy and balanced. It is aware of imperfections but choose to work with them anyways

if the connection between man and woman was only spiritual or only physical, God wouldn’t have taken Eve from the rib of Adam. spiritual and physical connections complete each other, and sometimes it takes us awhile to realize that they were not meant to give to anyone expect for the one; lol God forbade fornication for our own good.

True love between man and woman is reciprocal giving – giving without conditions and demands for repayment, because such is the nature of the world. Those who stop giving, loose their ability to love. Therefore, they fall into ego, loneliness and despair. They are not punished; they punish themselves for disrespect of the spiritual order of creation.

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Meskora Amoussou



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