Good Life Nature Activity at FLMNH My experience touring the museum

❀ Nature on Display ❀
The top picture is a panorama that I took of the Butterfly Garden and the bottom 2 pictures are pictures my friend Victoria took of me as we walked along the exhibit.

II'm sure the butterfly garden caught the attention of a lot of people, as it is pretty much the main attraction of the museum during this time of year. As an avid nature lover, this exhibit definitely stood out to me! I really enjoyed walking through it and seeing the different butterflies and even little birds. I found the display of this exhibit very appealing because it was very open and almost felt like I wasn't even at museum anymore; I was honestly just in a beautiful garden. This exhibit captured my attention because I didn't expect to see as many butterflies and birds as I did, since I went on a rainy day. It was really fascinating to be so close to them and them not actually fly away from me as I approached them. I learned about the simplicity and intricacy of the natural world from touring this exhibit. It's crazy how much you don't notice about nature when you're just walking to class or sitting at a park. But when one actually takes the time to admire the beauty of something that came about on its own over years, it's honestly breathtaking. Being able to tour this outside portion of the museum really made my experience at the FLMNH more enjoyable because it provided a different take on touring a museum.

☼ Nature and Ethics ☼
These are 3 silly selfies that I took in front the "South Florida People & Environment" exhibit at the museum.

Out of all the parts of museum that I visited, this particular exhibit was the most simplistic but it was still my favorite. I personally really liked this wing of the FLMNH because it reminds me a lot of home (as I am from South Florida). While walking through this section, I felt homesick because many of the items painted on the walls or on display are things that I would see all the time back home at the beach. The FLMNH allowed visitors to connect with nature by really creating life-like displays. As I was walking through the exhibits, I mentioned to my friend Victoria how the exhibits look so realistic and really take you to a different place. While touring this specific wing of the exhibit, I became more aware of my ethical responsibility to want to preserve our environment. One of the best and most beautiful things I have back home is the beach and I couldn't imagine being without it, as I basically grew up on it. I think that all people should want to take action in taking care of our Earth, as it is our home as well as the home of many different species other than our own. If we share the planet, we should all make an effort to conserve it.

☯ Nature and the Human Spirit ☯
The left picture is a selfie of me in front of a huge dinosaur fossil and the right is a picture my friend Victoria took of me in the tipi of a Native American tribe

A particular aspect that I really enjoyed about the FLMNH diversity of the cultures and exhibits. My family descends from so many different cultures, one of them actually being Native Americans, so it was really neat to see the displays of their history throughout the museum. I think the way the museum presents the Native America culture really allows people to step out of their ordinary lives because they are exposed to a culture different than their own. This exposure us grants us the ability to become more culturally aware and respectful of other ways of living. An additional component of the Native American exhibit that caught my eye is their appreciation and use of the land around them


Lucía Cabanela Victoria Tran

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