LGBT Rights Alanah Martinez

My topic is on the rights of LGBT people. My topic is important because many people are effected negatively due to their sexual orientation. I believe that people should all be treated the same no matter who they are and what they want to be and who they are attracted to. To treat someone differently only because of this completely baffles me, it is stupid.

Someone that is affected by being treated negatively because they are apart of the LGBT community can go on the internet and search up LGBT hotline for help. You can call them and talk about what you're going through. You can also email them if you don't want to contact them over phone.

Where i stand is basically what i wrote in the first paragraph. I believe that everyone is equal and no one should be treated differently only because they are apart of the LGBT community. Everyone should be treated the same. Bullying someone because of their sexual orientation is stupid and childish it should not be done. No one should feel low about themselves because people make them feel like they are less of a human than anyone else, You are perfect.

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