Days in the 80's By: ashton white

This is Alyssa and She lives in this nice and wonderful of this beautiful house and was born in this house at the time of January 19, 1968, and is now 12 years later and she is 12 years old living in the same the house, same place in Miami, Florida.

This is Where Alyssa lives With Christopher and her Best Friend Summer

They have gone to the same school(for years) and now have come face to face. Christopher made fun of the girl Alyssa because she was different than everyone else and wasn’t always talking with anyone, actually barely at all the only person she really talked to was her best friend Summer and really told her all of her secrets and share toothbrushes, share brushes, share the same bathroom or maybe even share everything.

this is the school they went to

After that event happened she cried... and cried... and cried... and cried more, until she couldn't cry another tear. She didn't want to stand there and cry so not a single thing came out of this being except fist and teeth clenched the sounds of a clenching fist and when she grinds her teeth and ready to punch a hole in a wall.

this what I imagine what would happen

Well… after that they started to become friends and it kept growing over time and over times they were acquaintances. And they started to grow more and more to becoming friends.

this is how they were when they became friends

Alyssa and Christopher became friends. it may have taken awhile but, they were 15, 3 years later, when they became best friends, bestest of friends ever.

Glossary- Miami's hottest Time in the 80's, wearing skirts for school clothes, wearing hats for school


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