Coach V's Dream Cottage By: Nicholas Hare

We were supposed to design coach V's dream cottage, and make three blueprints, design it in Tinkercad, then find the cost it would be to paint the exterior part of the house, find the cost to shingle the house and then to find how much it would cost to heat the cottage, and finally, to make this presentation. Here are my blueprints.

Bird's eye View
Front View
Side View

Now onto the next part of the project, the tinkercad design. We now had to make a 3D model of our design in tinkercad. The model had to be to scale and so, mine was 1cm=1m.

Front View
Side View
Side View
Back View

And then, to the final part of the Project (other than making this presentation) the calculations. We had to find the surface area of the house (not including the roof) then minus the windows and doors and other things that we didn't want to paint to find out how many paint cans coach V did want to buy, then how much it would cost him. 1 can of paint cost €20 and will cover 40 square meters. The area he needed to cover was 186.785, so that would mean that he would need 5 cans of paint which would cost him €100.

Calculations for the paint

Next, we had to calculate the cost for the shingles. Since I had designed a cottage with a pyramid shaped roof, I had to calculate the surface area (except for the bottom, you wouldn't want to put shingles on your ceiling) of the roof. The surface area of the roof was 18m squared so I timesed that by 4 and got 72m squared which will require 8 bundles of shingles (the rest go in the shed). Next I had to times times that by the cost of the shingles to find out how much it will cost coach V to buy the shingles. A bundle of shingles costs €90 so I timesed 8 (number of bundles of shingles) by 90 (the cost of one bundle of shingles) and got €720. That is how much coach V has to pay to shingle his cabin.

Now, for the last part, finding the cost of the heating. I found the volume of the house (LxHxW), so 10 times 10 times 5 and got an answer of 500m cubed. Now all I needed to do is find out how much it would cost coach V to heat his cabin. The heating costs €1.50 per cubic meter per month to keep his pipes from freezing in the colder winter months, so I divided 1.5 by 500 and got an answer of €333.33-repeated and timesed that by 3 for all three months and got €999.99-repeated. So coach V has to pay €999.99-repeated. The photo of my work is at the bottom of the photo above.

In conclusion, coach V will have to pay a total of €1820 to paint, heat, and shingle his cabin.

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