Letter from manzanar ricardo diaz

Dear Casey , do you remember me? I am Jeanne Wakatsuki. I am a Japanese girl in a internment camp called Manzanar. I live with my family and other Japanese people here. It hasn't been easy in manzanar, everything's different. We have to share rooms,and eat in the mess hall I don't like it there. Our family is slowly falling apart, we don't even eat together anymore in the mess hall because my brothers eat with their friends and grandma is to weak to eat with us. There's a lot of people here in Manzanar they scared me at first but i am getting used to them. And There’s always dust here in manzanar because of the strong winds. And also father hasn't been the same since he got here he has been acting strange. I've noticed that he started drinking. He’s even went as far as hitting mama. And because of that Kiyo hit father. Kiyo even ran away for a few weeks. It's been chaotic here especially with the riots that are starting to happen now. Now you see how it's been here in Manzanar, well I’ll write you every now and then, until next time.

- Jeanne wakatsuki


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