Marriage is Good By: Braylin Wilson

Marriage makes you pay. 40% of married people are way happier than unmarried people. Marriage also provided financial stability in which creates happiness. Another reason why marriage produces happiness is because of the love and continuity between each other.
Marriage couples tend to live longer and stay healthier. This may be due to the lack of stress an marriage entells. Married men have fewer infections and a lower risk of heart disease and cancers. Married people are less likely to smoke, drink a lot, or be inactive. Also married people are less likely to be depressed or have anxiety issues.
Married people receive 10-40% more than single men. They tend to save more and support their spouse. The longer you stay married the more assets you build. Married couples rarely experience any economic hardships.
Children live longer, healthier lives if parents get and stay married. Stability in the household is scientifically proven to better the lives of children. Children are proven to be smarter when their parents are married rather than divorced. Also, Children love your parents more when they are married.
Marriage gives an good companionship. He gives the ultimate sense of togetherness and continuity. It basically feels like your bestfriend is always there. You always have someone to depend on.

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