Good Life Nature Activity Stephanie Guillen

Nature on Display

The butterfly preservation wall was striking at how large, colorful, and well-thought out it was. I was fascinated by how many different species of butterflies there were and found myself excited to go in the butterfly forest exhibit. I think it is a beautiful addition to the museum that draws a lot of positive attention. It was very visually appealing and a good start out to the butterfly experience.

Nature and Ethics

The portion of the museum where butterflies were kept in a room to grow and be put into the forest exhibit created an ethical dilemma for me. I think the quality of life the butterflies receive by being brought up in such conditions is poor and unethical. I don't think that is a good and natural way to treat such beautiful nature. It took away from the experience for me a little bit. I understand the educational value of showing how the butterflies grow but I think it is hard to admire them when you see they are being raised that way.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The actual butterfly forest was an incredible experience. It was amazing to be so close to nature and feel connected to the beautiful world in which the butterflies are living. You never really get tired of nature because there is always something uniquely beautiful you notice whenever you get the privilege to witness it up close. This was definitely my favorite part of the museum and I can't wait to take my family there to experience it too.

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