Road to STate Finals

SHS celebrated junior Luke Goodwin's journey to State Finals for on Feb. 21 before he wrestled that night. Winning the placement match on Feb. 21 Goodwin went on to wrestle in the State Finals on Feb. 22 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

Exiting the school, junior Luke Goodwin walks down the hall while students and staff cheer for him. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Holding a sign, junior Mariah Murillo laughs as Goodwin exits the school. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Goodwin starts the match off by putting on a green ankle band for his first match on Feb. 22. The band indicated the difference between him and his opponent. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Goodwin defends a double leg takedown as he gets pulled down in the quarter finals of the state tournament. Goodwin lost the match 23-8 against sophomore Jesse Mendez, second in the nation, from Crown Point High School. Mendez went on to win state. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Looking over at the coaches, Goodwin waits for his opponent, Mendez, to get in place. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Goodwin defends Mendez's attack as he tries to get a form to get on top. Photo by Kelsey Jones
During a break in the first match, the referee pulls Goodwin aside to talk with him. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Attempting a takedown, Goodwin trips Mendez out of bounds, making the takedown incomplete. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Starting the second period of Goodwin's second match, Goodwin gets into a tie-up with his opponent, junior Ian Heath from Leo High School. Goodwin lost the match 3-1. Heath came in sixth place. Photo by Kelsey Jones
Goodwin crossfaces his opponent to defend Heath’s attack. Photo by Kelsey Jones
After Goodwin's loss in the second match, he walks back to the locker room. Goodwin goes on to wrestle for seventh and eighth place, winning the match, coming in seventh place in the state. Photo by Kelsey Jones