Finding an Internship

Research Opportunities

Office of Undergraduate Research

Activity 1 – a) Find 3 internship opportunities that you think are fitting for this assignment. Place them in an order from most to least interesting to you.

b) How does this internship fit in with your interests? Would this internship or job opportunity further your personal goals or career?

Activity 2--Basically, making this chart more specific so that it reflects the internship you select.

Part A: Using the job description on the website AND any information you can find from the company’s website, fill out the following information IN YOUR OWN WORDS. My suggestion is to read over the description/website, and then shrink the window so it’s not in front of you.

Find the following information: Job title; Description; List of skills needed; Hiring department

Part B: Use the information you just compiled to adjust the rhetorical situation chart. Trade charts with a partner. How can the rhetorical situation chart be improved?


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