RIFLES 5 Week 5 LEEDS ARMOURY Combat infantryman's Course Starting Mar 2017

Blog Introduction

RIFLES Jobs will be following the men of RIFLES 5 Platoon as they start their journey from civilians to Riflemen. 47 RIFLES Recruits started their 26 week Combat Infantryman's Course on Sunday 12th March 2017 and from now on will be known as Riflemen (Rfn). Read about their journey, their struggles, the highs, and the lows as we show you week by week what it is like to be trained by the best instructors the British Army has to offer as they strive to become a fully trained Riflemen. Each week we will bring you stories, photographs as well as introducing you to the Riflemen.

Week Five Story

Week Five Story

Week 5 hits us hard and fast. After a long weekend at home we are straight back in to the thick of it. Fortunately this is a fun week with PT, a trip away from camp, map reading and an introduction to some of the kit we will be using later in the course.

The Royal Armouries Museum, based in Leeds, is the perfect setting to see how the history of warfighting has changed. We look at the weapons and equipment used throughout history and discuss where it may be heading in the future.

A Rifleman is a valuable asset on the battlefield, and to make this asset as effective as possible we are given equipment to help us. This week we have looked at the LLM (Laser Light Module) and HMNVS (Head Mounted Night Vision System). The LLM is a combination of torch and laser attached to the rifle for use in close environments such as buildings or tunnels. The HMNVS is a night vision device that lets us see in the darkest of conditions.

Week 5 also includes our first TABbing and PFA. TABs (Tactical Advance to Battle) is our way of getting from one area to another as fast as possible on foot carrying all our equipment. We start with low weight but by the end of the course we will be covering several miles with full combat equipment.

Look forward to week six

Next week we develop our map reading, PT and shooting. We also introduce explosive and smoke grenades, as well as the use of radios.

Some Photographs from the Week

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