The Renaissance By: Amairany Gonzalez

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

The Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance by letting traders throught asia because trade increased between Asia and Europe people where very curious about Marco Polo travels . " people began to get good from Asia " ( Holt 300 ). This is because prices went down and trade began to increase . Overall, that is how the silk road helped renisance by letting Traders throught asia.

This is a picture of the path Marco Polo took.
On the left it's a picture of Marco Polo and on the right it's a picture of how Marco Polo traveled.

ITalian trade cities( Florence)

Medici family

On the top left is A picture of banking , on the bottom left is a picture of education, in the bottom middle is a picture of their artwork, on the top right is a picture of their architectural, and on the bottom right is a picture of their family

Rediscovering the past (greek and roman)

The Greek and Roman classical ideas made a big influence to help the renaissance shape a development. They made a huge development because they thought that the ideas had been lost forever . This means that they taught them new ideas even though they where from Ancient Greek and Rome . Inc conclusion, that is how the Greek and Roman classicals idea made a huge influence to help the renaissance shape a development.

This is a picture of the sculptures they made .

This is another picture of sculptures they made .

These where some buildings that they made .

This is a picture of them .

These are more sculptures they made .

This is another sculpture they made .

These are some indoor sculptures.

Leonardo da Vinci

This website was the about , all inventions Leonardo de Vinci made and created . For example, some inventions he made where fly Machine ,robotic knight , and scuba gear. This website also if the invention was successful. In conclusion, that is what the website above was about .

Top left : anatomy , top right : artwork , middle left and right : inventions , bottom left : Architecture, bottom right: engineering.


This video will focus on the painting Michelangelo made the the 16th Chapel and will explain each picture.

Paper And printing (Johann Gutenberg)

Top left : is a picture of one of the first machines that came out , top middle is : a picture of the machine , top right : is a picture of letter , bottom left is picture of the process , bottom right is another picture of the Machine .

This machine had an impact on literacy because more people where able to learn education . This is because people printed in Italian also which is the language most people spoke . In conclusion, this is why this machine has and impact in literacy .

Renaissance writing (William Shakespeare)

William Shakespeare's writting reflected the ideas of humanisam and his writting also attracted many audience. A quote from the text that shows how his writing reflected on humanisum was " Ever since people enjoyed the Beauty of Shakespeare's language and his understanding of humanity " and shakespeare compares people to the actors in a play who should be watched with great interest " ( holt 317 ). This means that This means Shakespeares writing attracted a wide audience because of his poems , comedies , and tragedies he wrote . His writing attracted many people because he wrote in English . This means that people liked it because , they only language they knew was Italian ,and they really liked learning English . In conclusion, that is how his ideas and writings reflected on humanism.

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