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In our society, we are hearing more and more about accepting and loving all people...

...This is nothing new to us. This is the heart cry of God, our creator, Jesus, our Savior, and the Holy Spirit, our helper. We embrace this "trend," but we also recognize that unconditional love only comes from God, and it is only through Him can we truly love others.

Spreading this LOVE is not something reserved only for teachers and staff. You will have the opportunity every day to be the expression of God's heart. Learning how to love is part of the One School experience. It is our hope that scholars will spend less time with gossip and betrayal, crushes and grudges, and more time discovering your true identity in Christ.

You don't have to be a Christian to attend this school. In fact, you will meet others who have entirely different backgrounds than you, but that's okay. If you are a Christian, you will be challenged to discover who God is for yourself, and depend less on your parents' faith in God. If you aren't a Christian, you will be invited to learn about God's love, understand the teachings of Jesus Christ, and make a beautiful decision about the course of your spiritual life. This is a transparent starting place for what the real world will ask of you.

What Does Faith Look Like at OSOTA?

See You At The Pole

Every September we join other schools across the nation in solidarity to pray for our country, our city, our school, our leaders and our families.

Bible Class

At One School the spiritual culture is just as important, if not more important, as our creative and academic culture. In this, we are always seeking refreshing ways to keep our scholars engaged and focused on their faith, growing closer to God.

Spiritual Emphasis Week

Once a year, we have a week where we create a special environment for scholars to dive into discipleship and be given age appropriate opportunities to further explore their faith.


Chapel is where scholars connect with God through live worship, relevant teachings, and weekly prayer and fellowship.

Things to Remember

Be familiar with the daily and weekly opportunities to explore Faith at OSOTA.
Reflect on how attending a Christian school may impact you this year.


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