Love, Lucy ...

Ciao bellas!!! It's about that time huh.... another blog post from yours truly. Honestly, I am starting to look forward to these!! I get to sit here in my comfy, little Italian cot and write to my people about all the things I'm so blessed to be able to do, see, eat and drink here halfway across the world. Pretty incredible if you ask me. But ANYWAYS. To address the first question some of you may be having, NO these photos were not taken off of my Pinterest page (although they may as well have been). Abby, Charly and I may or may not have visited one of the cutest towns in all of Italy this past weekend... Perugia.

Perugia?! Yeah I had no idea what to expect either. Other than it being in the very center of Italy, I was clueless as to what we were going to find on our 3 hour train ride North for the night. I was SO pleasantly surprised to be driven up a windy road and dropped off to find International students and friendly Italian residents subsided in this cute, hillside town. We unpacked our things in an airbnb right off of the main piazza and stumbled into a small Italian restaurant directly across the street that served, yep, COFFEE PASTA. As repulsive as it sounds, I want you to take my word that this blue cheese and coffee fettuccini creation was incredible. BRAVISSIMA.

*Abby's exact reaction when the tour guide told us that ALL of that chocolate was for us...*

W after W in Perugia people, especially the Perugina Chocolate factory tour. Feeling a little like Willy Wonka, we got to tour the factory, see the chocolate museum (Guinness World Record for largest chocolate kiss pictured), and enjoy an unlimited tasting (never eating sweets again). Honestly, I don't think I will see Abby this happy ever again in her entire life... getting her own puppy will be a close second.

I think my favorite part was our early morning adventuring on Saturday. With Perugia being such a quaint little town, we saw it forwards, backwards and in between within an afternoon. THE VIEWS PEOPLE. These pictures don't even do it justice....absolutely everything I imagined Italy to be and more. We explored an aqueduct street, an outdoor amphitheater, 2000 year old churches and Renaissance looking alleyways (at the same time attempting to forget the fact that this place was the setting of Amanda Knox and her murder scandal. PLZ Netflix this documentary at your own risk)

Making Perugia just a day trip was perfect. Abby, Charly and I got to return home to Rome Saturday night, catch up on laundry (yep. yet another necessity that stopped working last week. cue spewing waterfall and buckets, BAD NEWS), and prepare ourselves for a Sunday Fun-day. (again, WHAT?! I don't have to get to College Lib when it opens to find a table?! Absurd.) Instead, we got to wake up to a blue sky and 60 degrees, started with a morning run to our (ok my) favorite iced coffee place, saw mass outside the Vatican conducted by ~the Pope himself~ enjoyed pizza on an outdoor patio and explored the Jewish ghetto. OH HAPPY DAY.

This picture says it ALL. A chalkboard sign found outside one of the restaurants in Perugia. "Good Food, Good Drinks, Good Times." sort of seems to be the motto lately... and man am I ok with that. Again, thanks for caring about my adventures friends, family, and those curious enough to click. Arrivederci! Ciao bellas!!!

Love, Lucy

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