Texas Reconstruction News By olivia mennucci and teya saadeh

Reconstruction begins!

The government has finally began reconstruction in the south. The south is curently in ruins due to their treturous rebellion leaving homes, churches, and farms burned to the ground.Although the war is over the south is still having a difficult time accepting the governments conditions but they are necessary to bring together the democrats and the republicans and if It doesn't work america will be lest with many more problems in the future.

Two presidential plans

President Lincoln before being assassinated this April sent a pardon to all southerners who were willing to swear an oath of loyalty to the United States. When ten percent of a state's voters had taken the oath of loyalty, the state could form a new government and return to the Union. But, Andrew Johnson our current president took up the task of reconstruction and has adapted a reconstruction plan modeled after Lincoln's plan.

Slavery ends in Texas!

Gordon Granger a union general , recently came to Texas to take control and many things have changed already . Just yesterday Granger order slavery to end on The 19th which has set off great celebrations among African Americans in and around Galveston. African Americans in Texas has started calling this great day of freedom as Juneteenth, or Texas Emancipation Day. EVen though they were free they need help to get on their feet so a group know as theFreedmen's Bureau has begun helping freed people find jobs and issued food and clothing to the sick, aged, and poor. They have also begun building schools to provide the education and skills freed people needed to make a living.

New Texas governor appointed

Johnson has recently Andrew J. Hamilton as the new governor of Texas for, he is a unionist. Athough several of the delegates at the constitutional convention are high-ranking officers in the confederate party making it extremely biased. Nearly all the delegates support the confederacy.

A New Constitution

The new constitution of 1866 states that freed people had the right to own property and to enter into contracts. However, they are barred from voting, holding public office, serving on juries, or testifying in court against a white person. When the ex-confederates took control, they refused to ratify two amendments to the US constitution: the thirteenth and the fourteenth. Curently in the south black codes are being inforced in southern states which are laws that restric the rights of freed people.

Congress Takes Control

Congress feels that Johnson's plan isnt working because the Southern states have seceded from the union. The South's defiance of federal control, especially in their choices of the political leaders and the enactment of the black codes, have led many Northerners to attack President Johnson's reconstruction plan for being too easy on the South. The people want much tougher requirements for the Southern states to rejoin the Union and to protect the rights of freed people and to reshape Southern society

Radical Reconstruction Begins

Congress have made the Congressional Reconstruction Plan, and in it it states and declares that the existing governments in the South were Illegal for example black codes. In March , congress had divided the south into five military districts and put an army general in charge of each. Congress has also required many white Southerners to take the Ironclad Oath. In this oath they pledged that the individual has not voluntarily served in the Confederate army or aided the confederacy.

Freed Men Get The Vote

Curently with the help of the freedmans beauro and Griffin about 50,000 freedmen have been registerd to vote. Although the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) a secret organization of rebelious white men formed after the civil war that use violence and terror against African Americans have been killing and threatening the freedmen to force them to not vote. The KKK in protest against the carpetbaggers and scalawags because they have helped many african americans have also burned another african american church . The KKK's attacks have gotten more destperate and violent even going to the point of murdering and threatening native americans to stop them from voting.

Reconstructio Ends!

Finally after a long wait last march 1870 reconstruction in Texas has officially ended! Although white people in texas are furrious of the union for rasing the taxes by two dollars and the police force for abusing their powers. The black men however fleeing the conflict have created hundreds of comunities along rivers and streams using unused land. Although not all of them live there some wish to work on ranches, move closer to the city and get jobs there or get a buisness of their own. Athough recently 2 years after that the democrats have won in a recent presidential election and are already redusing the governors power, aboloshing the state posice forces and stripping the freedmen of their rights which has angered many republicans.

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