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“My life is a story about who God is and what He does in a human heart.” – Shauna Niequist

Be the Kind of Woman Who Starts Her Day Off With Jesus

By: Sarah Davis

To be completely honest with you ladies, one of the first things I think of when I wake up is how people perceive me on how I carry myself. I have caught myself so many times where I am so caught up in pleasing man. I see it when I’m trying too hard to impress my friends, family, and other relationships I thought I would have for the rest of my life.

We have the mind set of what man thinks of us when we do something idiotic, how we dress, and/or why we got that failing grade. Especially the last one, I always try to cover up my failing grade because I have so much shame and guilt. I try so hard to study, but I never seem to get it right. It leaves a heavy burden on my shoulders to try to do better than the person who got the highest grade. It’s the perfectionist in me.

Another aspect of my life that I’m going to be honest about is that I have never been told, “I am so proud of you.” Excluding my parents, I have never heard anyone say this to me. This is where I get so caught up in trying to seek the approval of man. I hate myself for it.

This reveals where we are broken with trying to please ourselves and humanity. It reveals that we live in fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of being looked down on. Fear of being called out.

“Who can bring a clean thing out of an unclean? There is not one.” Job 14:4

We are unclean creatures like our selfish heart. Man is not the one who we serve or cater to. Man is not the one who should steal our joy. Man disappoints and leaves us hurting. Man leaves us feeling lonely when our Lord God does not. “Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness.” –Kurt Vonnegut

The need for Christ to work in our hearts first begins with seeing ourselves through His eyes. The first thought we should have when we wake up is how we are going to serve Christ throughout the day in order to show passion for His people. Keep me accountable and others as well if we fall short of the tasks that the Lord has granted us. The beginning of the day is the most beautiful, because it is a new day where we see His pursuing passion for all of us.

Lord, let my first thoughts in the morning be about you. Let my thoughts focus on what I can do each day to please you, and not on what I need to do to please others. Give me the obedience to place you first in my life, to make you my priority. I want to focus on you Lord, and not on the men of this earth. So create in my a heart that serves you in everything I do, and give me strength to rise above my sinful heart that tells me to focus on others. Amen.


Calendar of Events:

Make sure to check these dates every week because they are always subject to change!

March 13th: Sarah Davis and Emma Massey will be speaking this week!

March 20th: LuAnn Robinson will be here to speak to us!

March 27th: TBA

March 31st-April 1st: Girl's weekend! we will be having lots of fun and fellowship this week! Also, one of the women who is a recent graduate from UTM will be coming back to speak to us on Saturday!

April 3rd: Deana Graves will be speaking!

April 10th: Jenna Wright will be here to speak to us!

April 17th: Final Radiant. As we wrap up the school year, we will be having a time of fellowship!



Radiant is Monday nights at 7:30. We have different women who come to speak every week! It is a great time to fellowship with each other and to grow closer to God together!

The Well is every Tuesday at 6. It is such a great time to come together and worship God!

The BCM has FREE FOOD on Thursdays at noon. The food is always delicious so be sure to come!

Be sure to encourage any guys that you know to come to Man Up on Thursday nights at 7!

As always, if you would like to write a devotional, feel free to contact Kaitlyn Boggs by email, text, or in person! Everyone is encouraged to be a part because everyone has something important to say!

Email: kaibbogg@ut.utm.edu

Phone: 731-610-8514

Enjoy the rest of your break!


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