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Comic Book Cover Design By Samantha Mace ( Barker 2021 Grad!) Characters' created individually by Senior Class.


The Graphic Communications program is for junior and senior students who are interested in entering the photography, multimedia, printing and advertising industries. Students will learn skills in layout and design with the latest software for digital illustration, photo imaging, digital photography, motion graphics and publishing. Through project development, students will discover and design for the promotional world of advertising and marketing. After students experience multiple areas within the graphic communication field, they will choose their favorite area to focus on and master in their senior year.

Senior Class

Topics Of Study

  1. Principles/Elements of Design
  2. Typography with mixed media
  3. Color Theory
  4. History Of Graphic Design
  5. Substrates
  6. Photography
  7. Illustration
  8. Advertising & Branding
  9. Motion Graphics
  10. Entrepreneurship
  11. Work Based Learning/Shadowing
  12. Portfolio

Links for Class

Senior Graphics 2022

GC Class Code: 43ehw2m


Google Classroom: https://classroom.google.com/c/MzA1MDU0NTY4NDE1


Quia: https://www.quia.com/pages/kkrull/2021

Remind: SeniorGraphics@4fahg6

Junior Class

Topics Of Study

  1. Intro to Graphic Communications
  2. The Design Process
  3. Illustration Software
  4. Photo Imaging Software
  5. Layout Software
  6. Principles of Design
  7. Intro to Photography
  8. Typography
  9. Print Making Methods
  10. Finishing & Bindery Methods
  11. Package Design
  12. Portfolio Prep

Links for Class:

Junior Graphics 2023

GC Class Code: kmky5uh


Site: https://sites.google.com/onboces.org/junior-2021-/resources

Quia: https://www.quia.com/pages/kkrull/2022

Remind: JuniorGraphics@gk3gkf9

Student's Work

Senior Comic Book Covers

Comic book Covers 2020

Junior Class Design Beach Ad's

Snorkle's Beach Resort
Snorkel's Beach Resort
Snorkel's Beach Resort


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Created with images by Unknown - "Minimal header image / copy space · Free Stock Photo" • Unknown - "Free stock photo of color, color patterns, color theory" • Nick Adams - "Reaching out to new clients can sometimes feel difficult and dishonest. We decided to write handwritten notes on 180lb matte cover stock so they knew we weren’t messing around. These are some images of our final products."