MEMORIAL Inscriptions frOm p-Z (Across all our burial areas)

George the pheasant and his mate frequent churchyard and roadside.

In loving memory of our dear mother FRANCES PADDY entered into rest Feb. 4th 1913 aged 38 years.

CATHERINE PARKER, September 1810 aged 6.

ANN PASCOE, died Feb. 12th 1941 aged 81. Also of THOMAS, her husband died April 29th 1841 aged 83. Thy will be done.

Anthony Pascoe, died 24th Feb. 2002, aged 78 years and Vera May Pascoe, died 10th Feb.2014 aged 89years.

In loving memory of BERTIE beloved husband of CORA PASCOE of Higher Goneva farm, Gwinear, who died 6th April 1966 aged 77 years. At Rest

In loving memory of Edward Pascoe of Carnhell Farm who died 19th January 1965 aged 79 years. At rest.
Elizabeth Pascoe, aged 68, died Jan.14th 1800; Elizabeth Pascoe, , aged 79, 29th Dec. 1807
In lovving memory of Fred, beloved husband of Emily Pascoe, late of Carnhell Farm died Nov. 22nd 1975 aged 79. Also Emily Pascoe, died May 19th 1976]aged 75. Reunited.

JOHN PASCOE, beloved husband of Janie Pascoe died at Tregotha, Gwinear 20th August, 1953 aged 69 years. At Rest. Also of his beloved wife JANIE PASCOE, died 21st March 1961 aged 74 years.

WILLIAM PASCOE beloved husband of Mary Jane Pascoe, late of Carnhell farm who died Jan. 14th 1928 aged 70 years. Also of RICHARD, their beloved son who died Feb. 23rd 1916aged 28 years. ‘Until the day break.’ and MARY JANE PASCOE who died Nov. 28th. 1943aged 84 years.

RACHEL PEARCE, wife of Peter Pearce, who died 11th Dec. 1870 aged 46 YEARS. Also ANN PEARCE, his wife, who died 17th May 1897 aged 77 years. And ELIZABETH PEARCE his wife, who died 15th June 1905 aged 57 years. Thy will be done. Also of the above PETER PEARCE died Nov. 22 1912 aged 88 years.

RICHARD ARTHUR PEARCE beloved husband of Martha Lois, died 30th May 1969 aged 64 years. At Rest.

WILLIAM PEARCE, born at Illogan August 29th 1826 died at Gwinear November 24th 1900. Also ofELIZABETH BOSISTON, his wife, born at St Erth September 2nd 1835, died at Gwinear June 1st 1918.

Pellow Family inscriptions, ending with dear, dear Ethel who died on 22nd Oct. 2010 aged 96.

RICHARD PENHALE died at Gwinear Downs Feb. 20th 1882 aged 60years. Also of JINEFER his wife died June10th 1839aged 77 years

Mary Penhale, widow, about 80, Feb. 3rd 1800
In loving memory of Robert Cardell Pellow (Bobby) of Cathbedron Died April 2006, aged 57 years , also Janet Elizabeth Pellow died July 2006 aged 59 years.' Always in our thoughts'
ADA PERRY, beloved mother of Tom and Sydney died 31st May1954 aged 75 years. In loving memory of RHODA PERRY, beloved mother of May, died 22nd Feb. 1958 aged 79 years.
Arthur Perry son born in 1887 to our new vicar, drowned by the enemy action detailed above, and remembered on the Lychgate War Memorial

GEORGE JAMES PERRY, the dearly beloved husband of MARY JANE PERRY who died at Gwithian, Dec. 20 1916, aged 50 years. “Gone, but not forgotten”.No loved ones stood around him To bid a fond farewell, No word of comfort could he leave To those he loved so well, We little thought his time so short In this world to remain, Or thought when from his home he went He would ne’er return again. Also of MAY,the dearly beloved. daughter of the above who died at Connor Downs Nov. 28th1918aged 19nyears. Gone to be withJesus.

Malcolm Francis Perry died 31st March 2011
SAMUEL JOHN PETHICK died 30th March 1958 aged 78 years. Also of his beloved wife DDOROTHY JANE PETHICK died 16th December 1965 aged 86 years.

MARY PHEBY died Sept. 2 1910 aged 82 years. Also of ANN G. INGRAM, her sister, died Sept. 19 1911 aged 70 years

ANNE PHILLIPS the beloved wife of John Thomas Phillips who fell asleep at Ponsanooth Dec. 4th 1916, aged 63 years. Peace, perfect peace..Also of JOHN THOMAS beloved husband of the above who fell asleep at Paignton Sept. 4th 1920 aged 76 years. Thy will be done.

CHRISTOPHER PHILLIPS, who died Jan.4th 1876. Also of his children, ELIZABETH ANN, died Feb. 11th 1845 aged 3 years. WILLIAM THOMAS, died Feb. 23rd 1857 aged 1 year. JOHN, died Feb.14th 1858, aged 8 years and CHRISTOPHER died June 1st 1881, aged 45 years. For ever with the Lord/. And of MARY, wife of the above, who died May, 11th 1891 aged 83 years.

JAMES PHILLIPS, beloved husband of SARAH ANN PHILLIPS who died at Henver Cottage July 28th 1914 aged 68 years,Christ shall clasp the broken link when we meet again..Also of the above SARAH ANN PHILLIPS who died April6th 1937 aged82. years. InGod’s Keeping.’

In affectionate memory of JOHN PHILLIPS, who departed this life September 6th 1879 aged 78 years. He walked with God. Karbala.SUSANA PHILLIPS died Aug 3rd 1890.

JOHN PHILLIPS, of this parish who departed this life Sept 5th 1874 aged 80 years.

MARY PHILLIPS, beloved wife of Richard Phillips, died 15th July 1927aged 76 years. Rock of ages cleft for me, Let me hide myself in thee.

John Polglase aged 4, Oct. 28th 1807; William Polglass aged 66, June 19th 1800.


William Guthrie Polkinghorne , who wished to ‘Come home’ to Gwinear upon his departure from life on this earth.
William Polkinghorne ‘s memo,rial on reverse side.

In memory of our dear parents WILLIAM and MARY POLKINGHORNE

In loving memory of SUSIE,beloved wife of James Pooley, who died December 14 1930 aged 73 years. ‘Sweet is the memory of the departed’, And of JAMES POOLEY, died August 13 1930 1935 aged 78 years. ‘Rock ofages cleft for me’ Called home.

In loving memory of ADA, daughter 0f William and M. A. Prout, died Dec. 10 1911 aged 24 years. WILLIAM PROUT died Feb. 13 1937 aged 86 years. MARY ANN PROUT, died April 23 1927 aged 87 years
Lucy Pryor died 19th May 1991 and James Pryor, died 11th May 2012 (Yard 4)

LINDA WENDY. QUINTRELL In loving memory of LINDA WENDY beloved wife of John Quintrell who died 21st August 1960 aged 26years. In God’s keeping. URN. Treasured memories of our darling WENDY. missed by Mum and Dad and sisters. (85b)

ALICE MARY RALPH (from Fraddam,) beloved wife of B. Ralph, born June 29 1877, died June 4 1925. At Rest. BENJAMIN beloved husband of Alice, passed away, Sept.2. 1940, aged 74 years. (46A )
ANNE GRACE RALPH . Treasured memories of ANNIE GRACE RALPH beloved wife of EDWARD JOHN RALPH died 2nd May 1954 aged 64 years. Till we meet. Also of the above EDWARD JOHN RALPH died 2nd March 1953 aged 58 years. (54b)
BETTY RAPSON, who passed away Feb 16th 1984. aged 59, devoted wife of W.T.R (Bill) who passed away April 27th 1984, aged 72. Re-united.
EDWARD RAPSON, died June 24th 1042 aged 50 years. Also his beloved wife ELLEN, died June 19th 1979 aged 84 years RIP. Ashes of EDWARD JOHN RAPSON (son) 1986. (24b)

JULIA RAPSON in loving memory of Julia, beloved wife of James Thomas Rapson, who died 14th Au.gust 1957 aged 71 years. At Rest. Also of JAMES THOMAS RAPSON,who died 12th 10th June 1963 aged 76 years. Reunited.1957, ( 77b)

LOUISA RAPSON beloved wife of WILLIAM HENRY RAPSON who passed away Oct. 23rd 1952 aged 69. Also of the above WiILLIAM HENRY RAPSON who passed away Feb. 23rd 1956 aged 72. Reunited (59b)

MAY RAPSON who passed away February 21st 1934 aged 17. years. (86a). WILLIAM HENRY RAPSON, brother of May, who passed on May 5th 1997 aged 79 years.

JENNIFER REED, who died at Howe Downs Jan. 23rd 1896 aged 57 years. Also of BEATRICE MARY WEARNE grand daughter of the above, who died at Howe Downs April 1st 1896 aged 8 years.

John Reynolds, died 16th Sept.1801 aged 5years.
The family of John and Charlotte Richardmns of Castle Kayle.
Christian Richards aged 37, March 1st 1800

FRANCIS RICHARDS, beloved husband of Hester Richards, who died at Gwinear, January 15th 1882 aged 41 years. There remaineth, therefore a rest to the people of God. Also of the above HESTER RICHARDS, who died Sep.18 1933 aged 92 years. Asleep in Jesus. Also of her sisters ELIZA TAYLOR, who died at Townshend April 16 1912 aged 67 years and ELIZABETH TAYLOR, who died at Gwinear October 22 1915 aged 79 years. Peace, perfect peace.

SAMUEL RICHARDS beloved husband of Mary E. Richards, who died at Tregotha farm Dec 5 1923, aged 46 years, “I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord”. Also of the above MARY ELIZABETH RICHARDS who died Nov. 28 1938 aged 59 years. Her end was peace. (39 a)

GRACE RICHARDS, who died at Castlr Kayleigh, Hayle, Jan. 10th 1940 aged 71 years. Also of her. husband JOHN RICHARDS who died Dec. 25th 1941 aged 84 years. (16b)

JOHN HENRY RICKARD, beloved husband of MARGARETTA RICKARD,who died at Connorton Farm, Gwithian, Oct. 30 1921 aged 67 years. Resting.

RICKARD OF CONNORTON. In loving memory of MARGARET MAY her mother, who died at Connorton farm Sep.24th 1921 aged 94 years. Peace, perfect peace. In loving memory of MARGARETTA, beloved wife of John H. Rickard, who died at Connorton farm April 14th 1928 aged 69 years. Entered into rest,

In memory of Edward Rodda, who died the ...of August 1835 aged 74 years. Also of his wife Mary, who died 3rd March 1854. Also of their son John who died 18th Dec.1818 aged 19 years. Also of their son Samuel who died 18th Aug 1816... Edward Rodda...

ELIZABETHELLEN RODDA died 13th December 1960 aged 68 years. Erected by Margaret, Pat and Elizabeth of Trenerth. (88b)

James Rodda April 22nd 1810: James Rough, aged 47, died Aug. 12th 1807.
Joan Rogers widow, March 24th 1800: Mary Rowe, died Nov. 19th 1801, aged 50

JOHN ALFRED ROGERS died April 19th 1910 aged 72 years.SELINA his wife died April 12thv1910 aged 65 years Thy will be done.

EMILY MARGARET ROSEWARNE 0f Lanyon, who died June 15th 1886, aged 31 years. Also do EDITH, daughter of the above, who died April 17th. 1900 aged 17 years. Also of CHARLES RICHARDS ROSEWARNE who died November 21st 1926 aged 78 years. Also his son CHARLES LEWIS aged 70 died September 28th 1954.

PERCY M. ROSEWARNE born Feb. 28 1879. Died Nov. 30 1911.

R.H. ROSEWARNE b. SEP 10 1839 July 6 d. 1905 (memorial tablet in Wall Methodist Chapel.) E.J. ROSEWARNE, widow of the above b. Sep 29 1841 d. Dec. 16 1928.

HERBERT ARTHUR ROSEWARNE od Coswinsawsen died August 18 1925 (52a)
Richard Rosewarne

VIVIAN ROSEWARNE March 12 1872 -May 18 1925 W.H. ROSEWARNE born Nov.12 1877, died Jan. 10 1919.

In loving memory of ELIZA, daughter of H.and M. ROWE of Trenawin, who fell asleep March 17th 1901 aged 17 years. Also of the above HENRY STEPHENS ROWE. who fell asleep Sept. 29th 1912 aged 52 years . Also of the above MATILDA ROWE who fell asleep Sept. 22nd 1929 aged 67 years.

ELIZABETH. dearly beloved wife of William John Rowe, who died at Newlyn Jan. 8th 1907, aged 49 years. Also of the above WILLIAM JOHN ROWE, who died at Trenawin farm, Gwinear. December 6th 1914 aged 56 years. At Rest.

Richard Rowe, of Herland Farm, died 25th Dec. 1963 aged 70, and Lottie Gladys, his wife, died 18th Nov. 1998, aged 93 years.
WILLIAM SANDREY who died at Treloyan, St Ives. April 25th 1896 aged 87years. Also of SUSAN, his wife, who died Nov.17th 1872 aged 63 years. In life, in death, O Lord abide with me:`

CAROLINE the beloved wife of THOMAS SCADDAN who died Nov.8th 1886 aged 63 years.also of THOMAS SCADDAN, died April 17th 1908 aged 84 years. After a life of earnest devotion he has gone to reap his reward.

JAMES SCADDAN, who died at Wall, Gwinear Nov.20 1897, aged 82 years. Also of Mary his wife who died March 15th 1895 aged 74 years; and of their four sons THOMAS GLANVILLE died at Cradock, S. Africa, Nov 18th 1885 aged 35 years. JAMES, died in Idaho U.S.A. March 22nd 1887 aged 44 years. JOHN, died in Mashonaland S. Africa March 30th 1891 aged 43 years. JOSEPH, died at Johannesburg S..Africa, March 7th 1892 aged 28 years.

.Thomas Scantling, aged 67 March 20th 1802,: John Shugg, aged 28, died Sept.6th 1807; George Spire, died Jan.28th, 1802, aged 28.; William Stephens aged 26. 1802, Consumption.


Ann Shugg, Oct. 22nd 1810, aged 2: Elizabeth Shugg, Oct. 20th, 1810, an Infant: John Shugg, interred Sept. 7th 1807, aged 28: Elizabeth Sichleer, Feb 1st 1811 aged 88 : Robert Stephens, aged 42, died Jan. 22nd 1807.

JANE SHUGG died January 1st 1897 aged 78 years.

CATHERINE SKEWES, beloved wife of E .J. Sowell, who died at Carnhell, Gwinear.Oct. 4th 1903 aged 66 years. Also of ANNA MARIA CHINN, daughter of the above who died June 5th 1907 aged 38 years. Also of the above EDWARD J.SOWELL, who died at Carnhell, Gwinear, Oct.31st 1910 aged 71 years.

M. SMITHERAM (Lychgate War Memorial)

SIMEON SPURR We shall meet again. In loving memory of SIMEON, beloved husband of ANN SPURR who died August 4th 1913 aged 57 years and of ANN SPURR who died March 26th 1942aged 85 years. Peace, perfect peace SPURR.
In loving memory of MARY ANN, , beloved wife of William Stapleton of Gwinear, died 29th Dec. 1905, aged 33 years .'...Weep not for me my friends so dear,I am not dead, but sleeping here.....you now my grave you see,.....be yourselves to follow me.' Also of ELLEN beloved wife of William Stapleton, died April 23rd, 1843 aged 42 years. 'Thy will be done.' Also of the above WILLIAM STAPLETON,who died Oct.26 1931, aged 68 years. Also their daughter ADA JENKIN, beloved wife of Norman, who diedOct 2, 1972, aged74 years. Also NORMAN LESLIE JENKIN husband of Ada died Jan. 14th 1983 aged 88 years.
In loving memory of JOSEPH STEPHENS of Trevaskis who died on 30th May 1887 aged 60 years.'I will bear no evil or thought with me.' Also of CELIA, his wife who died at Rose Cottage, Carnhell, January 25th 1901 aged 69 years.' Her end was peace'. Also of JOSEPH HENRY their son, who died at Rose Cottage Carnhell, August 16th, 1911 aged 42 years .'Thy will be done.' Also of THOMAS, their second son who died January 1925, aged 57. Also of ALFRED EDWARD, their 3rd son, of Trevaskis, who died 30th March 1927 aged 58 years.'Let me hide myself in Thee.'

ELEANOR STEVENS who died May 21st 1896 aged 74 years. Also of ELLEN her daughter who died September 10th 1906 aged 62 years.

In loving memory of JOHN STEVENS who was killed in Wheal Alfred mine by falling into the engine shaft. April 9th 1806 aged 25 years. Also of ANN, his wife who departed this life July 5th 1842 aged 67 years.
SAMUEL STEVENS of this Parish who departed this life July 3rd 1863 aged 75 years

CECELIA STRONGMAN Born 1822 Died 1860. Also her daughter MARY Born 1847 . Died 1871. Erected by her eldest son William in 1897.

HI;DA SQUIRE, 11th April 1996; DANIEL SQUIRE, 7th June 2008; In memory of FREDERICK JAMES SQUIRE, 1893-1974 and Marion Ethel Squire, 1893-1978

In loving memory of ELIZA, wife of John Symons, who died at Carnhell, August 26th 1905 aged 48 years. Her last words were.’ And that will be glory, glory for me.’ GEORGE HENRY, their son died April9 1886 aged 2 years. MARY SYMONS, 2nd wife, died June 15, 1919, aged 56 years; and ERNEST, son, died U.S.A. March 9 1922 aged 34 years. Also JOHN SYMONS died Dec. 29, 1927 aged 71 years.

The Tenby family memorial
S.TIPPETT (Lychgate War Memorial)
In loving memory of CHARLES THOMAS of Kathebedron, Gwinear, who died May 28th 1886 aged 57 years. Also Lavinia,, his wife died May 28th 1921 aged 86years. Also ARCHIBALD, their son, died April 13th, 1938 aged 78 years.
Elizabeth Thomas from Marazion ,aged 70, March 12th 1811: Frances Thomas, aged 61, died... William Thomas, aged 67, died Feb. 6th 1808: William Thomas, June 6th 1810, aged 68.
In loving memory of ELIZA THOMAS of Gwinear who died June 22nd 1889 aged 50 years.
FRANCIS THOMAS who died at Connor Downs, April 29th 1883 aged 57 years. His end was peace. Also of ANNE, daughter of the above, who died May 10th 1892 aged 17 years. Also of ELIZABETH ANN, wife of the above, who died 29th July 1908 aged 75 years.
In loving memory of my dear husband FRANCIS THOMAS, who died at Gwinear Sept.23rd 1902 aged 45 years.

FRANCIS THOMAS, who was killed in Herlon Mine. February 25th 1835 aged 14 years. Also WILLIAM THOMAS who died February 15th 1853 aged 31years. Also JAMES THOMAS who died February 28th 1853 aged 20 years.

FRANK THOMAS, late of Ferreira, Connor Downs, born February 10th 1862, died May 20th 1907. Also of BESSIE, wife of the above born Nov. 25 1865 died Feb. 17 1920.

GRACE THOMAS who was born August 18th 18– and died of Typhus 1827- 1883. Also of JOSEPH THOMAS, brother of the above who was born Dec. 12th 1832 and died of Typhus Feb. 1st 1853.

JAMES THOMAS of this Parish, who died October 29th 1890 aged 90 years. Also of MARY his wife who died November 11th, 1860 aged 56 years. Also of SAMUEL, their son who died June 27th 1874 aged 26 years,

JOHN THOMAS who died Feb. 27th 1901 aged 73 years. Also of HARRIET MARY, wife of the above who died June 8th 1906 aged 68 years.

CAPT. THOMAS THOMAS who died Jan. 18th 1774 aged 65 years. Also of MARTHA, his wife who died Dec. 25th 1796 aged 82 years. Also THOMAS THOMAS who died Jan. 4th 1826 aged 60 years. Also ELIZABETH, his daughter who died Feb 15th 1827 aged 21 years. Also JOHN THOMAS, of Trethingey , Phillack, who died June 29th 1868 aged 37 years. Also of MARTHA THOMAS of Trethingey, Phillack who died March 27th 1870 Aged 68 years. Also JOHN THOMAS of Trethingey, Phillack who died March 24th 1884 aged 84 years.

VINCENT THOMAS, who departed this life Feb. 18th 1875 aged 61 years. Also JANE, wife of the above who departed this life Dec. 25th 1880 aged 81 years. Also Vincent, son of the above who died at Woodstock, Anniston, Alabama, America, March 30th 1878 aged 43 years. Also JULIA SARAH, daughter of the above, who died at Talysarn, N. Wales Dec. 23rd, 1879 aged 45 years.

JOHN TIPPET who died at. Bosparva, May 6th, 1902 aged 60 years. CATHERINE, his wife died Feb. 21st 1927 aged 88 years.

ANN TOCKER aged 35, died May 6th 1800; MR WILLIAM TOCKER aged 80, 25th March 1801.

FRANCIS H.L. TONKIN who died at Polmear April 7th, 1894 aged 67 years. Also of Sarah, his wife who died Dec. 9th 1903 aged 72 years.

JAMES TONKIN, aged 4and a half years, Dec. 5th 1800.

SAMUEL GEORGE TONKIN, who died June 28 1893 aged 3 months.

WILLIAM TONKIN, June 3rd 1810 aged 62.

WILLIAM THOMAS TREGENZA, died 16th May 2004 aged 82, and BERYL HILDA TREGENZA , ....2013

ANN TREVARTHEN, daughter of HENRY and ANN TREVARTHEN of this parish who departed this life. January 18 1865 aged 20 years ‘Sleeping in Jesus’

ANN, wife of JOHN TREVASKIS of the Parish odfSt. Erth, who died 20th of June 1845 aged 71 years. Also of their son WILLIAM, who died 8th May 1839 aged 31 years.

NIGEL TREGONNING, aged 13, died 9th June, 1977 at Lanskyber.
May Tregurtha, widow, aged 9o. Feb. 13th 1800: Mrs Dorothy Tremayne, aged 75 and a half, from Phillack May 29th 1800.
William Trevarrow, aged 60, brought from Gwithian June 3rd, 1802
JAMES TREVASKIS 27th December 1844, aged 39 years.nAlso of ELIZABETH HANNAH,his wife 22nd Nov. 1857 aged 42 years

HENRY TREVASKIS of this Parish who departed this life Dec.5th 1868 aged 57 years. Also JANE, wife of the above who died July 25th 1878aged 67 years.

H.TREVORROW (Lychgate War Memorial)

In memory of WILLIAM TREWELLA, of this parish, who died February 21st 1877, aged 70 years. Also ELIZA NINNIS,, his wife, who died April 15th 1882 aged 64 years. WILLIAM, their son, died Dec. 17th 1879, aged 39. AMELIA, their daughter, died May 26th 1884, aged 25
FRANCIS WILLIAM TREWELLA of Trenerth died 23rd August 1973, aged 81 years and a dear daughter ELIZABETH EMILY , diied on 21st December 2008 aged 71 years.

ROBERT TRUDGEON. who died at Howe Downs, Gwinear Dec. 5th 1897 aged 61 years. Also AVES ANN, his wife who died June 14th 1898 aged 57 years.

WILLIAM T. TRUDGEON, died at Bosparva March 26th 1903 aged 37 years. Also of EALEANOR H. TRUDGEON his beloved wife died Sept. 2nd 1956

Annie Uren who died May 5th 1890 aged 26years.
ARTHUR UREN , beloved husband of Lillie, who died at Wall, Gwinear on July 18th 1984 aged 72 years 'Rest in peace.' LILLIE UREN, died on Jan 11th 1999 aged 88 years. Much loved Mother, Gran and Great Gran.

EDMUND UREN died December 12th 1899 aged 64 years.

JOHN UREN,, aged 5, died 30th Jan. 5 1807: MARY UREN, May 5th 1810 aged 2.

SIMON UREN, late of Real del Monte, Mexico, who died at Carnhell, Gwinear Nov.10 1890 aged 76 years. Also of WILLIAM T. UREN son of the above who died May 4th 1894 aged 38 years. ELIZABETH UREN wife of the above who died Dec. 16th 1902 aged 86 years.

SYMON UREN died January 1860. Also JANE, his wife died Nov. 27 1902.

In ever loving memory of THOMASINA, beloved wife of M. Uren who fell asleep in Jesus at Penhale Farm, Gwinear. May 18th 1h905 aged 50 years. A-loving wife and mother. A precious memory. We miss her kind and willing hand, her fond and earnest care. Our life and home is sad without her. We miss her everywhere. Thy will be done.
Also her beloved daughterWinifred Bawden who died Dec. 16th 1956 aged 70 years. (Yard 2)9

ELEANOR VELLENOWETH born Dec. 24 1833, died May 7 1906. EDWIN born Nov.14 1833 died July 22 1914; their son DAVID MIDDLIN born March 16 1878 died March 16 1878 died Sep. 26 1903. At Rest.

Sacred to the memory of THOMAS VELLANOWETH who departed this life Feb.27th 1837. Aged 62 years. And of MARY, daughter of the above, who departed this life Nov. 26th 1836. Aged 15 years.
HAZEL VINCENTwho died on 21st July 1971 aged 59 and her son VIVIAN who died April 5th 2000. aged 60 years
MARY VINCENT, aged 69 from Crowan. Nov 30th 1800
JOSEPH VIVIEN, MARY his wife and Maria his second wife.Memorial in the South aisle.
MARY ANN, the beloved wife 0f JOHN VIVIAN who died April 26th 1876 aged 56 years. Also of their children SARAH ANN who died May 11 1878 aged 20 years, JOHN who died December 6th 1853 aged 3 years, SARAH ANN who died Feb. 12th 1857 aged 3 years 9 months.

SUSAN ANN WALTERS beloved wife died W.Walters who died at Coldharbour farm, Gwinear , September 1st 1900 aged 1900 aged 41byears . Also of JAMES son of the above, died June 14th 1937 aged 46 years.

MARY WEBSTER, a daughter of GEORGE COCK of South Molton, Devon, who died at Wall, April 1st 1872 aged 36 years

JOSEPH PASCOE WHEAR who died June 12th 1901 aged 31 years

MARYANN WHEARE, aged 67, brought from Helston . April 12th 1800. NICHOLAS HITCHENS WHEARE,, aged 9 years, variolis, -from Breage. Dec 17th 1800: WILLIAM WHEARE, April 29th 1810 aged 17
Ruth Wheildon died 1st March 2015 and Peter Wheildon, died 18th May 2015. Dearly loved by family> Cherished by friends. ( and They loved gardening).
NELLIE MAY WIGMORE who died 15th August 1994

ELIZABETH WILKIN who died March 26th 1906 aged 81 years. Also GEORGE WILKIN, son of the above , who died Jan 26th 19-7 aged 50 years.

Jane Wilkins, aged 27 Oct. 21st 1800
COLAN WILLIAMS,,aged 42. Killed in a mine, Nov. 11th !8o1: Elizabeth Williams, aged 11, died of variolis, (smallpox) 23rd August 1802; Elizabeth Williams aged 7 and a half , died of smallpox April 26th 1807. Henry Williams July 4th 1802, aged 4 months.. John Willyams, June 5th 1810 aged 30: Thomas Williams, aged 22 died of consumption, March 17th 1807

In memorial EDITH URSULA WILLIAMS beloved child of Peter and Annie Williams, died at RosewarneOct.27th 1905 aged 10 months.

ETHEL WILLIAMS died June 14th, 1937, aged 44 years. ‘May she rest in peace.’

LAURA WILLIAMS, died Jan.16th 1940 aged 63 years. ‘Sleep to wake’ in loving memory of LILY MERRILL, died 14th March 1965 aged 84 years.

PETER WILLIAMS who died at Townshend. March. 13th 1912 aged 38 years. Also of ELIZABETH, beloved wife of the above, who died at Gwinear, April 13th 1916 aged 40 years.

FRED WILLIAMS died September 11th 1959, aged 83 years. Also his wife MINNIE, died Feb. 21st 1970 aged 89 years.

PETER WILLIAMS who died at Townshend
In loving memory of WALTER HENRY WILLIAMS 19.3.1916- 1.7.1998 and his wife VERONICA WILLIAMS 19.3.1921-9.12.1921-31.12. 2005. Rest in peace.
WILLIAM WILLIAMS aged 67 years, also ELIZABETH MARY aged 71 years dear parents of Ivy. God’s greatest gift, remembrance.

ELIZABETH MARY LANDON WIVELL, born Feb. 11th 1878, died Jan. 23rd 1879 E.M.L.WIVELL born Dec. 3rd 1879 died August 26th 1880

John Woolcock, April 29th 1810 aged 17: William Woolcock, aged 67, died 19th June 1807, (from Crowan)

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