MEMORIAL Inscriptions frOm L-Z

Good camouflage here....
The fledgling Jay above had dropped into the Victorian burial area ( yard 2) from the adjacent Old Vicarage garden.
Richard Lanyon of Lanyon, aged 67, died Aug.15th, 1802
In loving memory of William Lory, /who died 24th March, 1892 aged 80 years, and Mary , his wife who died 24th April...aged 84 years. Jacob, husband of Ethel May Lory, who died May 26th 1919.
John Henry Luke , devoted husband of Mary Ann who passed away June 30th 1963, aged 84.
Jane, daughter of Mr. John Martin, infant, died Nov. 5th 1807. H. Matthews aged 94, January 1811:Ralph May, 29th Feb. 2008
Eleanor Michell, May 6th 1810, an Infant: John Michell, aged 3 died of variolis, Sept 5th 1802; John Michell, an infant, died Nov. 5th 1807; John Michell, aged 75, 30th Nov.1807; June, daughter of John Michell, July 26 aged 3 yrs. ( Variolis.- smallpox): Grace Michell ab. Truswell, about 87, Jan. 14th 1800: Grace aged 20 and George, aged 14 , daughter and son of K.... John Michell August 8th 1802: Mary Michell, aged ?7, May 8th 1808.
Andrew Mill, March 25th, 1802: Mary, wife of the Rev. John Curnow Millett, ( aged 21) March 2nd 1801
Arthur Miners, passed away 28th Feb, 2008, aged 71.
In loving memory of David Middlin, beloved son of William and Hannah Middlin born on Dec.24th 1857, died Oct.18th 1882: also Nicholas their son, born March 31st 1865, died March 26, 1875 also of their.... daughters...also of William Middlin who died at Wall....1883?
Constance Mitchell, aged 86, died Oct.21st 1807.
EDWARD REGINALD ......1926-2007 and his daughter jaccqueline sandra mitchell 1957-2016
William Huthnance Mitchell, aged 27,Feb.4th 1808: Paul,Maria andDamanMitchell, Infts born the same day, 6th Sept, 1810.
Grace Morgan, died Dec. 6th 1801, aged 84.
Hilda Moss, who passed away 23rd April 2011
Margery Nancarrow died Oct 1st 1801, aged 39 years.
Henry Nancarrow, aged 54 years, died 12th Nov. 1854 : also Henry his son who departed this life the 23rd June, 1853, aged 26years, also of Eliza and Martha , daughters of the above.
Weep not for us, our children dear. We are not dead, but sleeping here. We were not born for you alone, Christ loved us best and took us home.
Ann Noble aged 65,Feb.21st 1800: John Noble, died June 4th 1801, aged 73 and a half: May Northe aged 26. brought from Phillack July 7th 1801 : Araminta Noel, an infant, subito, Jan. 4th 1800
Margaret May Oates died 26th April 2011 (Yard 4)
Peter Oatie, aged 74 died Aug.8th 1801
John Oatey of ---stown, who fell asleep in Jesus, June 20th, 1903 aged 72 years' and of Rose Hannah, his wife who fell asleep in Jesus, Jan. 26th 1892 aged 56 years and William their son who fell asleep in Jesus -on his way from South Africa. March? 22nd 1899 aged 36 years. (Yard 2)
Charles Ernest Odgers who died 16th July 1993, and Emma Jane Odgers, died 6th.November 1993.
Mary Otey, aged 29, died March 23rd 1807.
Catherine Parker, September 1810 aged 6.
Anthony Pascoe, died 24th Feb. 2002, aged 78 years and Vera May Pascoe, died 10th Feb.2014 aged 89years.
In loving memory of Edward Pascoe of Carnhell Farm who died 19th January 1965 aged 79 years. At rest.
Inloving memory of Fred, beloved husband of Emily Pascoe, late of Carnhell Farm died Nov. 22nd 1975 aged 79. Also Emily Pascoe, died May 19th 1976 aged 75. Reunited.
Elizabeth Pascoe, aged 68, died Jan.14th 1800; Elizabeth Pascoe, an. Guy, aged 79, 29th Dec. 1807
Pellow Family inscriptions, ending with dear, dear Ethel who died on 22nd Oct. 2010 aged 96.
Mary Penhale, widow, about 80, Feb. 3rd 1800
In loving memory of Robert Cardell Pellow (Bobby) of Cathbedron Died April 2006, aged 57 years , also Janet Elizabeth Pellow died July 2006 aged 59 years.'Always in our thoughts'
Malcolm Francis Perry died 31st March 2011
John Polglase aged 4, Oct. 28th 1807; William Polglass aged 66, June 19th 1800.
Lucy Pryor died 19th May 1991 and James Pryor, died 11th May 2012 (Yard 4)
Betty Rapson, who Passed away Feb 16th 1984. aged 59, devoted wife of W.T.R (Bill) who passed away April 27th 1984,aged 72. Re-united
John Reynolds, died 16th Sept.1801 aged 52.
Christian Richards aged 37, March 1st 1800
In memory of Edward Rodda, who died the ...of August 1835 aged 74 years. Also of his wife Mary, who died 3rd March 1854. Also of their son John who died 18th Dec.1818 aged 19years. Also of their son Samuel who died 18th Aug 1816... Edward Rodda...
James Rodda April 22nd 1810: James Rough, aged 47, died Aug. 12th 1807.
Joan Rogers widow, Mar ch 24th 1800: Mary Rowe, died Nov. 19th 1801, aged 50
Richard Rowe, of Herland Farm, died 25th Dec. 1963 aged 70, and Lottie Gladys, his wife, died 18th Nov. 1998, aged 93 years.
Thomhas Scantling, aged 67 March 20th 1802,: John Shugg, aged 28, died Sept.6th 1807; George Spire, died Jan.28th, 1802, aged 28.; William Stephens aged 26. 1802, Consumption.
In loving memory of Joseph Stephens of Trevaskis who died on 30th May 1887 aged 60 years.'I will bear no evil or thought with me.' Also of Celia his wife who died at Rose Cottage, Carnhell January 25th 1901 aged 69 years.' Her end was peace'. Also of Joseph Henry their son, who died at Rose Cottage Carnhell, August 16th, 1911 aged 42 years .'Thy will be done.' Also of Thomas, their second son who died January 1925, aged 57. Also of Alfred Edward their 3rd son, of Trevaskis, who died 30th March 1927 aged 58 years.'Let me hide myself in Thee.'
Ann Shugg, Oct. 22nd 1810, aged 2: Elizabeth Shugg, Oct. 20th, 1810, an Infant: John Shugg, interred Sept. 7th 1807, aged 28: Elizabeth Sichleer, Feb 1sr 1811 aged88: Robert Stephens, aged 42, died Jan 22nd 1807
Hilda Squire, 11th April 1996; Daniel Squire, 7th June 2008; In memory of Frederick James Squire 1893-1974 and Marion Ethel Squire, 1893-1978
In loving memory of Mary Ann, beloved wife of William Stapleton of Gwinear, died 29th Dec. 1905, aged 33 years .'...Weep not for me my friends so dear,I am not dead, but sleeping here.....you now my grave you see,.....be yourselves to follow me.' Aldo of Allen, ....../ of William Stapleton, died April 23rd, 1843 aged 42 years. 'Thy will be done' asso of the above William Stapleton died August 26th 1931, aged 68. 'When I survey the wondrous cross'
Family memorial to Arthur Tenby, died Jan. 9th 1996 aged 97, and his wife Elizabeth Marjorie , died March 5th 1980 aged 58. Their daughter Lilian Valerie Barnes died Aug. 9th 2006 aged 89.
In loving memory of Charles Thomas of Cathebedron, Gwinear, who died May 28th 1886 aged 57 years. Also Livonia, his wife died May 28th 1921 aged 86years.Also Archibald, their son, died April 13th, 1938 aged 78 years.
Elizabeth Thomas from Marazion ,aged 70, March 12th 1811: Frances Thomas, aged 61, died... William Thomas, aged 67, died Feb. 6th 1808: William Thomas, June 6th 1810, aged 68.
Anne Tocker aged 35, May 6th 1800: Mr William Tocker aged 80 .25th March 1801. James Tonkin aged 4 and a half years Dec. 5th 1800
William Thomas Tregenza, died 16th May 2004 aged 82, and Beryl Hilda Tregenza, ....2013
Samuel? George Tonkin who died June 28 1893 aged 3 months.
William Tonkin, June 3rd 1810 , aged 62:
Nigel Tregonnic, aged 13, died 9th June, 1977 at Lanskyber.
May Tregurtha, widow, aged 9o. Feb. 13th 1800: Mrs Dorothy Tremayne, aged 75 and a half, from Phillack May 29th 1800.
William Trevarrow, aged 60, brought from Gwithian June 3rd, 1802
James Trevaskis and Elizabeth Hannah, his wife who departed this life 2nd of Nov. 1856
In memory of William Trewhella of this parish, who died February 21st 1877, aged 70 years. Also Eliza Ninnis, his wife, who died April 15th 1882 aged 64 years. William, their son, died Dec. 17th 1879, aged 39. Amelia, their daughter, died May 26th 1884, aged 25
Francis William Trewehella of Trenerth died 23rd August 1973, ged 81 years and a dear daughter Elizabeth Emily Trewhella, diied on 21st December 2008 aged 71 years.
Arthur Uren, beloved husband of Lillie, who died at Wall, Gwinear on July 18th 1984 aged 72 years 'Rest in peace.' Lillie Uren died on Jan 11th 1999 aged 88 years. Much loved Mother, Gran and Great Gran.
John Uren, aged 5, died 30th Jan. 5 1807: Mary Uren, May 5th 1810 aged 2.
In ever loving memory of Thomasina, beloved wife of M. Uren who fell asleep in Jesus at Penhale Farm, Gwinear. May 18th 1905 aged 50 years. Aloving wife and mother. A precious memory. We miss her kind and willing hand, her fond and earnest care. Our life and home is sad without her. We miss her everywhere. Thy will be done.
Also her beloved daughterWinifred Bawden who died Dec. 16th 1956 aged 70 years. (Yard 2)
Hazel Vincent who died on 21st July 1971 aged 59 and her son Vivian who died April 5th 2000. aged 60 years
Mary Vincent, aged 69 from Crowan. Nov 30th 1800
Mary Anne Wheare, aged 67, brought from Helston . April 12th 1800. Nicholas Hitchens Wheare, aged 9 years, variolis, -from Breage. Dec 17th 1800: William Wheare, April 29th 1810aged 17:
Ruth Wheildon died 1st March 2015 and Peter Wheildon, died 18th May 2015.(They loved gardening).
Nellie Wigmore who died 15th August 1994
Jane Wilkins, aged 27 Oct. 21st 1800
the Colan Williams,aged 42. Killed in a mine, Nov. 11th !8o1: Elizabeth Williams, aged 11, died of variolis, (smallpox) 23rd August 1802; Elizabeth Williams aged 7 and a half , died of smallpox April 26th 1807. Henry Williams July 4th 1802, aged 4 months.. John Willyams, June 5th 1810 aged 30: Thomas Williams, aged 22 died of consumption, March 17th 1807
John Woolcock, April 29th 1810 aged 17: William Woolcock, aged 67, died 19th June 1807, (from Crowan)

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