Aztecs By: Kiara Bickham

Floating Gardens

1. The "floating gardens" were actually rafts.

2. They piled vegetation and reeds on top of the raft to help provide good soil and drainage.

3. The gardens were used to grow chili peppers, corn, tomatoes, beans, and squash.

4.Aztec engineers built mud and stone walls around each floating garden. The walls acted as walkways between the gardens.

School Life

1. Every child in the Aztec empire had to go to school including, girls, boys, and slaves.

2. Most boys, when they graduated were trained in hunting, farming, fishing, and fighting.

3. The girls were trained to be a good mother, good cooks, and in other home arts like sewing.

4.Some schools trained kids in specialized professions.


1. Ball games were probably the most popular, but the most dangerous.

2. Every town and village in the aztec empire had a ball court.

3. The hoop was 10 feet above the ball court.

4. Each hoop was only a foot wide.

Daily Life

1. Rich people lived in homes built of sun-dried brick and sometimes stone.

2. Water was poured over hot stones to generate steam.

3. Poor people lived in huts with thatched roofs.

4. Poor people had simple clothes and never decorated with feathers.

Tenochtitlan - capital city

1. By the 1500s, it was home to about 300,000 people.

2.Mexico city was built on the ruins of the Aztecs capital city.

3. The city is built on a swamp, which it's sinking.

4. Mexico city is a highly populated city, to get more land, mexico city covered up the lake.

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