A Quick Summary


"Typography is the art and technique or arranging type, type design and modifying text for legibility and aesthetic appeal"


The "Design element" refers to the style of a letter. It determines whether the text should be bolded, put in italics or underlined.

There are two main fonts in typography. These are Serifs and Sans-Serifs. Serifs are the extended corners on the end of letters


Tracking refers to adjusting the space between letters, Leading is adjusting the space between the lines and Kerning is adjusting the distance between a set of specific letters


Legibility is how quickly the text can be read, this is very important in typography. Colour and font is effects the legibility greatly.


Fonts reflect the style or emotion the piece is trying to convey to the audience.


There are four modes of alignment for text. They are centered, justified, flush left and flush right.


You can emphasize a word or phrase within a body or text by using a variety of techniques. Using colour or a different font can make the word stand out among the rest.


Designers today are taking advantage of the available software to create many typographic portraits.

Moving Text

The technical name for moving text is kinetic typography. Kinetic typography is an animation technique that mixes motion and text to express ideas.


"Anamorphic typography is an exploration of the potential and existing relationship between architecture and typography"


Savior of the Universe

Citation 1:

Whats your Type?

Citation 2: Our aim was to manipulate font types to create something new. I added a shadow to the font and which gave it depth and perspective.

Citation 3: In this task, we had to change the font and colour of the words to match the definition. I used different word arts to create the feeling of creativeness and played with the underline settings to make the messy look incorrectly spelt.

Citation 4: The task was to create word art out of a quote we chose. I chose the quote "Strange things are a foot a the Circle K"


Task 3

The music industry is in awe of Katy Perry’s unique use of animated text in her film clips. You have been commissioned by your favourite music artist to create a film clip for their song. Using your understanding of “kinetic typography” (taught in class) and your skills in Adobe After Effects, your challenge is to have your classmates “Tapping to Text.” In this project, you will develop more advanced tools using AE, utilise the camera layer and research special effects to apply to a polished and professional music film.

REBRIEF: Create a ‘kinetic typography’ film clip for one of your favourite artist. You have to use Adobe After Effects and your skillz so you can present it to the class. You will utilise all of your knowledge in Adobe products to create a proper film clip as the final product. "Typography is the art and technique or arranging type, type design and modifying text for legibility and aesthetic appeal." The target audience would be 13-17 years olds.

The Development of Ideas


1. Symbolism: The practice of representing things by symbols, or of investing things with a symbolic meaning or character

Question 2.

3.&4. They are all very simple designs and uses mostly blacks and white to make the colours pop. Symbols are important to create a layer of depth and interest to an image that would be otherwise very borring

Question 5


1.) Who is your target audience and how does your production appeal to them?

2.) Explain some of your aesthetic choices (the look and feel)

3.) What skills have you learnt throughout the project?

4.) What have you enjoyed most about the “Tapping into Text” project?

5.) What changes would you make and what could you do to improve next project?

1. My target audience is 5-12yr old children as the song is very simple and very catchy. It is easy to understand the lyrics and half of them are gibberish anyway, so it’s perfect for 5yr olds and by adding the lyrics I made it slightly more fun and added a mature aspect to the typography making the age range go up slightly.

2. I wanted to match the simple feel of the song by complimenting it with a simple aesthetic and making the focus the effects and word manipulation.

3. I have learnt how to effectively use key framing to go off on specific frames

4. I enjoyed the creation of the word art image as it fun and I got to recreate one of the BEST superheros to ever grace this planet and any other.

5. I would like to sync up the text to the music more perfectly and to finish the song

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