All Dairy, Every day A brief look into the life of a Food City dairy stocker.

Eddie, walks down the dairy aisle to put eggs on the shelves.
He makes sure the eggs are plentiful and neat for the customers' convenience.
My job is fairly easy. I check how much of an item we need, get it from the back, and put it out for the customers. Simple.

Eddie writes down what brands of milk he needs to refill, how many gallons he needs, and the expiration dates of the milks.

My favorite part of the job is getting to write down important information on my own little clipboard. It makes me feel like a pro.

He stacks up the milks according to brand.

At one point, he drops a gallon, it busts and spills.

I usually don't stack the milks four boxes high. Now, You see what happens when I do.

After cleaning the spill, he returns to putting milk in the cooler.

Eddie ends his work day by throwing the empty boxes into the compactor for proper disposal.
Created By
Sarah Dugger


© Sarah D. Photography 2017

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