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Granville Island Public Market

Because my family and I have been visiting British Columbia and Vancouver from the time I was six, we already know our favorite spots to visit. Our first, and one of our favorites, was the Granville Island Public Market, where we ate lunch. My boyfriend Dylan, who has never left the country before this, got to try Bubble Tea. He was not impressed.

Dylan trying bubble tea and hating it, fresh cooked pastries, and sharing a blueberry tart on the rainy boardwalk.

After filling up at the market, we headed down to the West side of Vancouver where we saw the laughing statues on our way to English Bay Beach. Kind of cute, kind of creepy.

Kind of creepy, yet kind of cute, we visited the laughing statues that are down on the West side of the city by English Bay Beach.

1. Laughing Statues

Against the assault of laughter, nothing can stand.

Specifically named "A-maze-ing Laughter," these bronze sculptures by Yue Minjun are each about three meters tall and 250 kilograms (9.8 ft, 551 lbs). That's pretty A-maze-ing!

English Bay Beach

English Bay Beach is one of the most populated beaches in the downtown Vancouver area. With its well-kept biking/walking trails, no-leash laws, and beautiful scenery, it's no wonder why.

Walking, talking on the beach

Bonding while walking along the sea shore is quite common, as Dylan and my father are pictured doing so here.

Faces on Rocks

While walking along English Bay, we came across these rocks with faces sculpted into them. There was no information provided on them. Beautifully mysterious.

Every time I visit a beach near the city of Vancouver, I am always shocked at how clean it is. The city is very strict on litterers, and are adamant recyclers, so it makes sense.

The rest of our trip was spent hiking the trails out by the Capilano Suspension Bridge, and enjoying the views from Burnaby Mountain.

Pictures of the suspension bridge, tree-top hiking trails, and the views at Burnaby Mountain.
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Sydney Doyle

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