Love New Zealand By: Carla Del Pozo & Sara Dominguez


New Zealand is located in the southewestern Pacific Ocean

So, as you can see, here we've a map of New Zealand. It has two islands (North Island and South Island) The capital of New Zealand is Wellington and it's located in the North Island.It is located next the Tasman Sea and it has lots of capes and bays.(North Cape, Bay of Islands, Bay of Plenty, Hawke Bay, Cape Farewell, Tasman Bay and Cook and Foveaux Straits.)

5 Reasons to visit New Zealand:

The actually currency in New Zealand is the New Zealand Dollar.

1 New Zealand Dollar is like 0.68 Euros. (it is more expensive for us but, cheaper for them).

A recent study from 1950 to 2016 about the population in New Zealand, says that the population has increased. Now, New Zealand has 4,575,175 people.

Look at these gorgeous landscapes in New Zealand.

The majority part of the animals in New Zealand are completly different to the rest of animals in other places because they have evolved differently.

Is famous because of its mountains, landscapes, beaches...

It is also famous because some films were recorded there, like The lord of the rings.

Awakening in New Zealand:

Typical food of New Zealand

Breakfast: Weet-Bix cereals
Sweets: Snowballs, Tim Tam & Pascall Milk bottles.
Snack: Hot pies (Puff pastry, mince meat)
For dinner at 6 pm: Hangi Maorí: Fish, chicken and root vegetables such as sweet potato are cooked in a big hole in the ground.
Dessert: Pavlova

How to make Pavlova - Recipe

Drink: Lemon and Paeroa (L&P) a gaseous drink.

Public transport in New Zealand:

These are the basic public transports. If you want to move from one place to another that are close, you can use buses or trams. But if you are going to different parts of the island or different islands you can use planes.

Some History

The Haka

It`s a traditional war dance from the Maori people. It consists of stamping the feet on the ground with rhythmically sounds.

War haka were originally performed by warriors before a battle, proclaiming their strength in order to intimidate the opponent.

But it is also performed for various reasons: for welcoming guests, or to acknowledge great achievements

The New Zealand sports teams practice the haka before their international matches. Especially the rugby national team, called All Blacks.

Haka video of the All Blacks:

Some more history:

New Zealand settlers developed a distinct culture known as Maori.

The first Europeans known to have reached New Zealand, were Dutch explorer Abel Tasman and his crew in 1642.They did not revisit New Zealand until 1769 when British explorer James Cook almost crossed the entire coastline.

In 1835 the Tribes of New Zealand sent a Declaration of the Independence to the United Kingdom asking for protection.

In response to the New Zealand Company's attempts to establish an independent settlement in Wellington.

Famous Citizens of New Zealand

Peter Jackson: Producer of The Lord of the Rings trilogy
Russell Crowe: Is an actor and film producer. He did the films of "The miserables" "Iron man" or "Gladiator".
Lorde: Singer
Manu Bennett: Actor. He made "The Hobbit" or "Spartacus" films
John Key: Politician. He ocuped the charge of first minister in New Zealand.
Steven Adams: Basketball player of the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA


1. Rattle ya dags! :Hurry up!

2.I’m knackered. : I'm tired

3.Wop-wops: Middle of nowhere.

4. It was choice, bro! : It was good.

5. Kia Ora: Be well.

Where to go if you visit New Zealand?

Auckland: North Island. The city with most population in NI
Queenstown: Famous town (South Island)
Christchurch: Largest city in South Island and in Canterbury Region.
The Hobbit was filmed in Matamata in North Island of New Zealand.
Milford Sound: A fiord in the South Island.
Lake Wanaka: In Otago (South Island)

When to go to New Zealand?

It has a warm climate, high precipitations and has many hours of sun.

The summer is from December to February.

Autumn is from March to May.

Winter is from June to August.

Spring is from September to November.


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