Forest Air Calling all Paramotor pilots - your planet needs you!

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Forest Air is a unique and timely solution. It answers directly to our planet’s need to increase world forestry and meet the challenge of global warming.

Simply put, it is the only realistic option for delivery of precise aerial works today.

Growing more trees is an important part of our battle for survival.

Forest Air’s pilots will work closely with the world’s leading forest scientists. Together with their remarkable flying machines, they are set to become the most efficient and cost-effective aerial reforestation (and real time monitoring) system in existence.
Paramotor pilots can operate almost anywhere...
They can get to places nothing else can

Is working with

  • The RBGK (Royal Botanical Garden, Kew) UK whose mission is to unlock the potential of plants and fungi worldwide through science.
  • The BGCI (Botanic Gardens Conservation International) which works closely with most seed banks and represents over 600 botanic gardens worldwide.
  • Rainforest Concern, One of the leading conservation organisations with long-term commitments...today.

The list is growing...

Forest Air is a ‘not for profit’ international association.

Our mission is to mobilize, train, organize and equip thousands of volunteer paramotor pilots from around the world. We will link them up with leading forest scientists, local schools and sustainable agricultural projects, so together:

  • they can collect seeds
  • carry out surveys
  • seeding missions
  • manage planting
  • care of forests

present and future

Contact info@forestair.org

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mike campbell-jones