The Greatness of Greek Life By Rafael Camou

  • Fraternities are formed under the principles of high idealism, equality, brotherhood equilibrium, camaraderie, and respect.
  • Accord. to North American IFC, fraternities have raised 22.3$ million for philanthropic causes in 2014-2015.
  • During the 19th and 20th century, fraternities started abusing their power and privilege to the Universities because of hazing, lawsuits, as well as alcohol and drug abuse, illicit behavior, began dropping average chapter GPA's.
  • Since 2008, the IFC has increased their regulations so that fraternities could once again construct the reputation they first were honored by.
  • Even though fraternities have proven their erratic behavior to be rather a misrepresentation to themselves and to the University than an honorable organization, they have taken the steps needed to reclaim their image. -They have done this by increasing the community service to 18-20hrs. per member. -IFC has been working on increasing donations for philanthropy and charity events, this past year they donated 30,000 compared to 10,000 every year, they have also been required to recruit members that meet certain standards that deem most fit to the fraternity.
  • Every Chapter's GPA is set to be at a 2.75 minimum with the majority being above a 3.0
  • Fraternities are required to assign meetings for new members that educate them on the hazards of alcohol abuse, drug abuse, sexual misconduct, and how to act cordious.
  • On the other hand, fraternities and sororities have been proven to be beneficial for increasing self esteem, responsibility, and maturity. Because of the bond that is created, the amount of time you put into the fraternity, and the important things you learn in your time being there you acquire the characteristics needed to become your own mature person.
  • Studies have shown that students can reduce their mental depression, feelings of loneliness, and suicidal ideation by joining a social fraternity on campus. ---acceptance, confidence, happiness, friendship.
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Rafael Camou


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