About Me By:Martie g

Before I moved to Oregon in 3rd grade I had moved kindof a lot and had been to what felt like a lot of different schools. With all the schools I went to Oregon was my favorite and I’m happy that we moved here. In my family at my mom's house there’s my mom, my sister Mallory that’s 10, my brother Charlie that’s 5 and my step dad Greg, and we live in Oregon. At my moms we have 4 pets, 2 dogs, and 2 cats. Something we like to do at my moms is spend summers up north, on the lake, and go on vacations.

At my dad's house I have my dad, my step mom, and my step sister Halie that’s 15, and we live in Portage WI. Also at my dad's house we have 3 dogs. At my dads house we like to go outside, and go on the river. We also just like to hang out

Some things I enjoy doing during the school year are swimming on the swim team, and hanging friends, and In the winter I like to snow ski.I spend my summers up north in Land O Lakes WI every summer tubing, and swimming, but my favorite thing is water skiing. And in the summer I’m on a water ski team and we do shows a couple times a week, and we went to state this year and got 4th place.

The First 2 pictures are 2 of the many different types of pyramids that we do. In the first one i'm on the top and the second on on one of the smaller ones. The 3rd picture is my team at the state competition.

As much as I love it here I’m always looking forward to spending the summer up north, and every year my cousins will come to our cabin from Minnesota, because we only see them 2 times a year this, and Christmas. My favorite parts/classes of school this year is the classes that really aren't exactly classes, like connections, lunch, or study hall. But other then that I like geography, science, and I’m starting to like english more. Some of the classes I don’t like as much are the things we do in math, and spanish.

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