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This is a short course that will help to consciously connect you with your chakras. Being more aware of your chakras and their function in your life will enable you to live a much more balanced and healthy life. Your mind, body and emotions will begin to flow in sync with each other to co-create a life for yourself where you feel fully Loved, supported, inspired and full of health and wellness - because you are. There is no area or aspect of your life that cannot be enhanced through a better-working relationship with your chakras on a daily basis. This course will guide and show you how to do just that over the next seven days. Welcome to your chakras! Welcome to better living.


Our bodies, just as everything else in existence, is all energy. It is made up of energetic particles that come together to form the cells of our body, the water that's contained with those cells, the various organs of our body and so on. And that is just the physical aspect of our body that we've touched on, but the fact is that our bodies are made up of much more than we can see physically. Just as we can't physically see the atoms that we are made up of without a specialized microscope, there are many other parts of us that cannot necessarily be seen without specialized means. We have yet to invent some of these means, but have still long ago known about these "unseen" aspects of ourselves via handed-down teachings and extrasensory perceptions in some individuals.

In addition to our physical body that are detectable through our five senses of sight, touch, taste, sound and smell, we also have an non-physical part of our body that has been termed our energetic body. Luckily for us, some portions of this energetic body are readily detected through the use of a specialized camera that captures the energy emanations that this portion of our bodies gives off. What is captured from use of this special type of camera is called Kirlian photography. When this energy is captured on film, various-colored swirls of energy can be seen emanating up to several feet from the body. Previous to Kirlian photography, in order to have any knowledge of this aspect of our body, one had to rely on people who were able to sense beyond our familiar five senses into extrasensory perceptions such as clairvoyance, which is the ability to see beyond what the physical eyes can detect.

It is this energetic body we will mainly be focusing on here. It is connected to, interacts with and feeds into the physical body. So its importance isn't to be overlooked if you are looking for well-being in your life. When your energetic body exists without restrictions or blockages to its flow of energy, health and well-being occur in your life. When restrictions exist and aren't cleared within this body, the effects eventually trickle into the physical body and even areas of your life where they show up as illness and other adverse situations. As is widely known in practices such as acupressure, acupuncture and reiki, this energetic body is where the chakras are located.

Chakra is a Sanskrit name meaning 'wheel' and is a vortex of energy found in different locations of the body. Energetic lines or pathways that eastern traditions call meridians are what carry the necessary energy throughout the body. Chakras are where the energy paths of different meridians come together at specific points in the body and create energetic vortices. There are many chakras, hundreds even, but we will focus on the seven main ones here.

Over the next week, we will work with each of the main chakras. Working with one chakra per day, we will forge a close-knit relationship with each of them. This will enable you to better understand how to communicate and work in tandem with them, affording you your best life yet. Let's get started!

During this week, you will gain understanding not only of chakras in general, but you will come to know how each of your own chakras engage and work with you personally. In other words, you will not only learn the basic knowledge of chakras, but ultimately will discover your own chakras unique way of working with you for wellness - like a personal, energetic fingerprint - unique and yours.While working in this course, you will undoubtedly come to new understandings about yourself. There may be deeply-buried feelings that come up for you as well. These are coming up for your health and well-being to be aired, seen and then dealt with and transformed and cleared from your mind, thoughts and emotions if they are not of a positive, beneficial nature to you. Working through these emotions and situations that come up with a therapist is always a good idea if you feel guided to do so, feel overwhelmed in any way or need to explore these feelings beyond what you are used to dealing with on a normal basis in your life. Now, let's get to work! Are you ready to meet your chakras?


Meet the root chakra. It is red and is physically located at the base of the spine. It has a masculine polarity and is connected to the legs, feet, bones, prostate and adrenals. It relates to the aspects of our life involved with the basic, physical needs of survival, security, home and is the grounding chakra that directly connects you with the earth and all things physical.

If you are ready to learn more about your major chakras so you can begin integrating into a more healthy, balanced, well-lived life, this complete course can be purchased for $30 by clicking the below button. Be sure to provide a valid email address in order to receive each day of the course.

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